Flying Penthouse: This 777X Concept Has A Fish Tank, Bathtub & Fireplace

The 777X is set to be the biggest commercial aircraft in production. The first iteration, the 777-9, will be 3.7 m (12 feet) longer than the A380, and a smidge longer than even the 747-8. With all that space, airlines will be able to seat 400 or more passengers in the cabins, even in a two-class configuration.

777X Concept Artless business jet
The ‘Concept Artless’ 777X business jet is simply jaw-dropping. Photo: GDC Technics

But what if you don’t want that many people on the gigantic jet? What if you wanted to create a 777X for just a few discerning travelers? Boeing Business Jets, in cooperation with GDC Design, has done just that, with a concept for the 777X that is more like a luxury penthouse than anything that might be found in the sky.

Let’s take a look around.

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Concept Artless

The design, known as ‘Concept Artless,’ is a minimalistic take on the idea of a private jet. Super modern, the interior is designed to replicate the experience of being in a luxury home more than a private jet. Sleek, refined and tasteful, the concept takes simplistic beauty to another level.

In the main living area, a huge U-shaped sofa is complemented by an oversized entertainment screen. An ultra-modern fireplace serves as a focal point to the room, with all the finishes in light, airy colors. Innovative ceiling lighting provides plenty of daylight, while sliding doors give access to the other areas of the cabin.

777X Concept Artless business jet
Some areas have digital ‘windows’ to keep passengers connected to the outside. Photo: GDC Technics

Onboard are several spacious bedrooms and lounge areas, all of which carry the theme of lightness through the aircraft. En suite bathrooms provide plenty of space, with the master bathroom even featuring a full-sized bathtub! Inflight information screens are dotted around to keep guests connected to the progress of their journey. In the master washroom, this interactive screen is integrated into the mirror itself.

777X Concept Artless business jet
The master bathroom has a bathtub and interactive screen embedded in the mirror. Photo: GDC Technics

In other spaces, windows are replaced with large digital displays of the outside. These screens give panoramic views of the exterior of the plane, fed by cameras mounted to the outside. As well as a visual display of the clouds, passengers can gain information on the weather, their location and other interesting details.

An office with a fish tank

One of the most unusual elements of this concept design is the onboard office. In itself, it’s a beautiful space, designed to be both pleasant and productive. But the crowning glory of this space is the huge, almost floor-to-ceiling fish tank in the room!

777X Concept Artless business jet
The office features a huge fish tank! Photo: GDC Technics

Naturally, there is a full cinema room onboard, complete with two rows of recliners and a gigantic screen. Tiny LEDs give the impression of a starry night sky above, perfect for an evening of entertainment.

777X Concept Artless business jet
There’s a fully equipped cinema room too. Photo: GDC Technics

The vast space afforded by the 777X has allowed the designers to really go to town on this concept. The creators say that the focus of Concept Artless is all about bringing together natural light and natural materials to create a space that is peaceful and luxurious.

The concept is shortlisted as a finalist in this year’s International Yacht And Aviation Awards from Design et al. You can vote for the concept on the competition page.