Startup flypop’s First A330 Spotted In The Paint Shop

flypop’s first Airbus A330 has been spotted in the paint shop. The aircraft is having its livery applied ahead of the startup’s entry into service between the United Kingdom and India. The airline has been waiting for India to move onto the UK’s green list before launching.

flypop, Airbus A330, paintshop
flypop’s first Airbus A330 has been spotted in the paint shop. Photo: flypop via Facebook

Who would have known? The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have created the perfect climate for airline startups. Aircraft are cheap, landing slots are plentiful, and some of the competition has been wiped out by a severe lack of revenue. One of these is the London Stansted Airport-based flypop.

flypop’s first Airbus A330 is getting ready

So far flypop has largely been an airline on paper. A target to launch flights by the end of 2019 was unfortunately missed, then in 2020 the pandemic meant launching an airline wasn’t viable a year ago. Now, the tables have turned, and it seems as though flypop is finally on the way with aircraft to prove it.

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flypop, Airbus A330, paintshop
The aircraft will likely be the first to join the flypop fleet. Photo: flypop via Facebook

Late last night flypop shared images of its first Airbus A330 in the paint shop. According to data from, one Airbus A330-300 is currently confirmed to be going to flypop. The aircraft, with serial number 1445, took its first flight in July 2013, making it eight years old. The plane was delivered to Cebu Pacific who is still listed as the operator.

flypop’s CEO Nino Judge has subsequently confirmed that this is indeed the aircraft in the image.

The plane is managed by Avolon, who has signed an agreement with flypop regarding aircraft leasing. With 25,214 flight hours under its belt from 6,914 flight cycles, the aircraft currently registered as RP-C3342 has a current market value of $39.53 million.

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Currently in Guangzhou

Data from shows that RP-C3342 is currently located in Guangzhou, China. The aircraft was ferried across from Manila on May 23rd, having been removed from desert storage in Alice Springs, Australia on May 15th.

flypop, Airbus A330, paintshop
RP-C3342 was flown to Guangzhou back in May. Photo:

Guanzhou is a hive of aviation activity, and it is currently the busiest airport by Airbus A380 operators. The airport is also home to GAMECO, or the Guanzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company. Along with aircraft maintenance, GAMECO also has the capability to paint aircraft as large as the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380, meaning that an Airbus A330 would be a piece of cake.

Judge further confirmed that the A330 is indeed being painted at GAMECO. With progress well underway, we hope to see flypop’s very first aircraft rolled out in its full livery very soon.

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