10 Flights For $266: FlySafair Launches Flight Subscription Packages

Low-cost FlySafair has launched a new bargain fare subscription program aimed at frequent fliers who want more flexibility. Called the FlyMore Club, the program allows passengers to pay a monthly subscription fee to access free flights, with only the airport taxes needing to be paid on top. The subscription includes all domestic flights operated by FlySafair.

FlySafair has launched a subscription-based flight service. Photo: FlySafair

FlyMore for less

South Africa’s low-cost airline FlySafair is hoping to tempt more travelers to fly more frequently with its new subscription service. The airline has launched the FlyMore club, which will see passengers able to fly for a fixed fee each month, just paying the airport taxes on top.

Packages start from R800 per month ($53), which will get the subscriber access to either two one-way flights or one return journey. For more flying, passengers can secure six one-way or three return flights for a fee of R2,400 ($160), or ten one-way / five returns for R4,000 ($266).

Kirby Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at FlySafair, is quoted in IOL as saying,

“This means that we are effectively able to offer members something like a ‘flight-hailing’ service at a cost saving of up to 84%* per flight.”

He went on to say that this service will allow passengers to book their flights at the last minute, thereby saving on change fees and removing any potential issues with refunds.

Is it a bargain?

The convenience of this subscription service could certainly be appealing for those who are regularly traveling around the sprawling country of South Africa. However, the low prices of the flights themselves will be somewhat diluted by the often expensive taxes and fees applied to the ticket on top of this subscription.

In South Africa, taxes and fees applied to airline tickets include:

  • Passenger Service Charge – currently set by the Airports Company South Africa at R86.75
  • VAT – 15% of the value of the ticket
  • Passenger Safety Charge – varies by airport
  • CAA Charge – around R24

There can also be specific charges levied at particular airports for using their services, notably at George and East London.

The offer could be appealing to the most regular travelers. Photo: FlySafair

Nevertheless, the flight costs are so cheap, these charges on top are unlikely to be significantly inconvenient. However, the flights cannot be carried over, so passengers will need to make sure they are using their flights within the month of their subscription to get the most from the service.

No extras are included in the base subscription cost, so priority boarding, seat selection, checked luggage and meals will all need to be added and paid for separately. Flights are non-transferable, and cannot be changed once booked. FlySafair says that seats can be booked as late as two hours before the flight departs, but also notes that it doesn’t hold any seats for FlyMore customers, so popular routes run the risk of being sold out. Gordon added,

“We see FlyMore appealing to a number of customers including regular commuters, business travellers, people with holiday homes, folks in long-distance relationships and even children with separated parents.

“The pandemic has taught us that we need to be resilient, but as we recover, we also need to seek out new ways to be innovative and remain competitive.” 

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