Which Airlines Are Still Flying Fokker 100s?

First entering service in the late 1980s, the Fokker 100 is a twinjet regional aircraft capable of carrying just over 120 passengers in a single-class configuration to a range of 2,700km (1,678 miles). Despite the downfall of Fokker, many of the Dutch planemaker’s aircraft are still flying today. Let’s examine which airlines are still flying the Fokker 100.

Qantaslink Fokker 100
Many of the Fokker 100s still listed as active can be found in Australia. Photo: Bidgee via Wikimedia Commons 

The data below has been gathered from planespotters.net and may be subject to change.

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Still flying down under

It looks like Australian carriers were big fans of the small jet and continue to be. In fact, most of the Fokker 100s still in service can be found in this corner of the world.

Alliance Airlines: 27. Charter operator Alliance Airlines is operating the largest fleet of Fokker 100s. All Fokker 100s flying for Alliance were previously flying for other carriers before the airline acquired them. The older jets still operational were built in the late 1980s and early 1990s, making them around 30 years old..

QantasLink: 17. The regional arm of Qantas has the second-largest fleet of active Fokker 100s. These jets mainly connect the larger Australian city of Perth with smaller, rural communities, often in the state of Western Australia. QantasLink also flys the aircraft between these smaller communities.

Virgin Australia Regional: 14. Just like QantasLink, Virgin Australia Regional operates the Fokker 100 mostly out of Perth, connecting smaller Western Australian communities to the state capital and to one another.

Skippers Aviation: Two. With a much, much smaller fleet, Skippers Aviation is another regional charter company operating in Western Australia.

alliance fokker 100
Alliance Airlines is an Australian charter airline. Photo: Bahnfrend via Wikimedia Commons 

Operating between 10 and two jets

Scattered around the world are much smaller fleets of Fokker 100s. Interestingly, next to Australia, the next largest concentration of Fokker 100s is in Iran, with five airlines still using the aircraft. Here is the breakdown of those carriers:

  • Iran Aseman Airlines: Seven
  • Karun Airlines: Four
  • Qeshm Airlines: Four
  • Iran Air: Three
  • Kish Airlines: Two
fokker 100 aseman
There are about 20 Fokker 100s still flying in Iran, distributed across five different Iranian carriers. Photo: Aeroprints via Wikimedia Commons 

Outside of Australia and Iran, the aircraft is still listed as active in various corners of the world, from Papua New Guinea to Romania to Panama.

  • Air Niugini (Papua New Guinea): Seven
  • Carpatair (Romania): Three
  • Air Panama (Panama): Two
  • Avanti Air (Germany): Two

A more interesting operator of the twinjet, and not really a commercial airline, is the Slovak Government Flight Service of Slovakia. This VIP air transportation wing of the government operates just two Fokker 100s alongside other aircraft such as the Airbus A319.

A single Fokker 100 in the fleet

The following airlines have only one Fokker 100 listed as being active (or parked) in their fleets:

  • Crossline (Georgia)
  • Montenegro Airlines (Montenegro)
  • Salaam Air Express (Somalia)
  • Trade Air (Croatia)

Again, not really an airline, France’s Centre D’essais de Vol has one Fokker 100. The organization, translating to English as ‘Flight Test Center,’ is responsible for the proper operation of both civil and military aircraft before their use.

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