Forget Cruise Ships – The World’s Elite Can Now Air Cruise

The Four Seasons jet spends its time ferrying the world’s elite on ‘air cruises’. Starting at $145,000 per person, these journeys cross multiple timezones visiting many continents. The privilege of operating such flights will soon be handed over to an Airbus A321 from the current Boeing 757.

Four Seasons Jet, Air Cruises, Luxury Tours
The Four Seasons Jet ferries the world’s elite on tours of the globe. Image used with permission of Four Seasons

The experience

The Four Seasons jet experience is bespoke. Instead of cruising on a ship, the aircraft takes a party of up to 52 guests from destination to destination. The Four Seasons markets the private jet as a “Hotel In The Skies”, and it’s not hard to see why!

Four Seasons Jet, Air Cruises, Luxury Tours
A chef accompanies guests around the world. Photo used with permission / Four Seasons

The aircraft comes equipped with its own executive chef. It travels around the globe with passengers alongside a dedicated doctor, a Four Seasons concierge, a journey manager, an assistant journey manager, and Javier Loureiro, the Director of Guest Experience. According to the Four Seasons, Javier “makes a point of connecting with every guest individually at each step of the journey”.

The destinations

As would be expected when purchasing such a luxury experience, passengers will be jetting off to exotic destinations around the globe. At each destination, the guest will receive the “the highest category deluxe rooms at each property”.

The next journey to depart is known as the “International Intrigue” tour, leaving on the 15th of February. This is one of four tours planned for 2020. For a ticket price of $147,000, passengers will travel to four continents during the journey.

Four Seasons Jet, Air Cruises, Luxury Tours
Despite daytime flights, every seat converts into a lie-flat bed. Photo used with permission / Four Seasons
  • The trip starts in Seattle on February 15th;
  • On February 16th, the aircraft departs for Kyoto, Japan, landing on the 17th;
  • On the 20th, the aircraft will depart for Vietnam’s Hoi An;
  • After two nights, the aircraft will fly on to the Maldives on the 22nd;
  • From the 25th to the 28th of February, guests will experience the Serengeti;
  • Guests will then head to Marrakesh until the 2nd of March;
  • On the 2nd, they will arrive in Budapest;
  • Then, on the 5th March, travellers will fly on to St. Petersburg in Russia;
  • Finally, the trip will head to Paris on the 8th, ending on the 9th of March.

The current jet

The current aircraft operating the Four Seasons Jet Experience is a Boeing 757 registered as G-TCSX. The aircraft is operated by TAG aviation on behalf of TCS World Tours. It regularly flies to exotic destinations with a group of Four Seasons travellers onboard.

Four Seasons Jet, Air Cruises, Boeing 757
A Boeing 757 is currently used as the Four Seasons jet. Photo used with permission / Four Seasons

The aircraft is fitted with a rather luxurious 52 flat-bed seats in a 2-2 configuration. With a range of 4,200 nautical miles, the aircraft can fly for eight hours without refuelling. You can even hire the jet yourself! However, the aircraft will soon hand the reins to a brand new Airbus A321…

The new Airbus A321

The Boeing 757 will soon be able to rest its wings as the Four Seasons is set to welcome a new Airbus A321 private jet in 2021. This new jet will contain a 2-2 layout of business style seating, the aircraft will carry just 48 passengers at any one time.

Four Seasons Jet, Air Cruises, Airbus A321
An Airbus A321 will take over from the 757 next year! Photo used with permission / Four Seasons

Passengers will be spared no expense with each of the seats being handcrafted especially for the aircraft. Each seat will additionally have an ottoman. Its purpose? To cultivate a social atmosphere onboard the aircraft.

Would you like to fly on the Four Seasons jet? Or is it just an overpriced novelty? Let us know what you think in the comments!