Four Seasons Touts Its Brand New $147,000 A Ticket Private Jet

The Four Seasons brand is known for luxury. This is one of the reasons it was chosen to cater for ANA’s first-class passengers aboard their new A380. However, you could soon experience more of the Four Seasons hospitality, as the airline is set to receive a new private jet in two years time.

Four Seasons
Four Seasons will receive a new bespoke A321neo in 2021. Photo: Four Seasons

Tickets for the new jet won’t come cheap, however, with trips starting at $140,000. This price is still significantly cheaper than the cost of buying the jet. In fact, in 2018 a brand new Airbus A321neo would sell for a list price of $129.5 million.

One of a kind

The new Four Seasons private jet will be fitted with a one of a kind interior. While an A321 can hold up to 244 passengers, this one will hold many less. Indeed, almost 200 less. With a 2-2 layout of business style seating, the aircraft will carry just 48 passengers at any one time.

Four Seasons
The aircraft will have a 2-2 layout of 48 seats. Photo: Four Seasons

These passengers will be spared no expense with each of the seats being handcrafted especially for the aircraft. Each seat will additionally have an ottoman. Its purpose? To cultivate a social atmosphere on board the aircraft.

How does it work?

The Four Seasons private jet works in a charter capacity, not a scheduled capacity. It is not possible to just book a flight on the jet as such. Instead, the jet will travel with you while undertaking a travel Itinerary. One such itinerary sees passengers travel from Hawaii to London via seven intermediate stops. The voyage lasts 24 days, with guests flying between locations on the Four Seasons jet. This particular trip costs $147,000 per person and is all-inclusive. There is a single traveller surcharge of $14,700, or 10%.

Four Seasons
Of course, there is a social area. Photo: Four Seasons

According to Four Seasons, the trip is accompanied by a range of staff members including “a Four Seasons Concierge, Director of Guest Experience, Physician, and Four Seasons-trained in-flight crew”. This is, of course, in addition to a chef who will cook meals on board using the expanded gallery space.

When will the jet fly?

The new Four Seasons jet announced yesterday is due to enter service in 2021, around two years from now. The A321neo will replace a Boeing 757 already in use. Four Seasons is currently booking for voyages up until September 2020, although some are restricted to a waitlist. Later this year, the brand is due to release a whole host of new voyages for 2021. If you want to fly on this private jet, keep an eye out for when sales open!

Four Seasons
Each seat converts into a lie-flat bed. Photo: Four Seasons

What do you think of the Four Seasons A321neo? Do you want to fly on it? Let us know in the comments down below!