Travel Chaos: French Pilots Consider Week Long Strike In May

Following a summer of Ryanair pilot strikes last year, it seems as though French pilots are next in line. France’s main pilot union is threatening strike action for a whole week in May. Starting on May 6th the strike is due to run until 11th of May.

French Pilots
French Pilots could go on strike in a fortnight. Photo via Pixabay

The strike would address a new law. This law in question threatens the union’s powers of representation. In fact, if passed it is feared that this law would group the pilots union with more powerful transport unions. This could drown them out in negotiations.

The strike details

The strike, if enacted, would commence on Monday, 6th of May, and is scheduled to last until Saturday 11th. It would see members of the SNLP, France’s main pilot union, striking from their pilot duties. The strike would affect all French airlines, with the most affected likely to include: Air France, Aigle Azur, Corsair, Vueling, easyJet, and XL Airways.


The SNLP has sent notification of its potential strike. Those who have received the notice include “Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne and Labour Minister Muriel Penicaud.” according to the New York Times.

French Pilots
The strike could last until May 11th of unresolved. Photo via Pixabay

Previous strikes

While this won’t be the first pilot strike, it will be the first major one of this year’s summer season. In the past year or so, we have seen a fair few strikes threatened, with a handful carried out. Prior to the airline’s anticipated collapse, a number of Jet Airways pilots had threatened to walk out over unpaid wages.

Over the Christmas period, Virgin Atlantic was presented with the possibility of strike action. The strikes, due to last until March, were blocked by the British High Court. Finally, Ryanair were affected by a number of strikes last summer which saw passengers begin to shun the airline.

French Pilots
easyJet passengers could also be affected by the strike. Photo via Pixabay

France’s strike

As France’s May strike has been threatened in opposition to a new law, it appears as though the strike action will only go ahead should the law be passed. The law contested would see the SNLP’s power diminished as it be grouped with more powerful transportation unions.

The union fears that were this to happen, it’s voice could be drowned out. This could lead to important issues affecting pilots being overlooked. The law is intended to streamline the negotiation process between employees and employers. This is as the government often finds itself mediating between the two.

Will you be affected by the strike action? Let us know in the comments down below!


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Ah yes, summer is coming, so it’s time for the French to start striking 😎
It transpired from court documents associated with the Ryanair pilot strikes in NL last year, that the median salary of the pilots involved was in the range 140,000-160,000 euros…but it still wasn’t enough for the pilots involved. So, rather than switch to an employer who pays a better salary (if such exists, in this case), just hold your airline and the flying public to ransom instead. C’est parfait!

Anton Schiere

As where Ryanair reportedly offered this Eastern cross Europe tickets for as low as € 10, it’s time to substantially raise rewarding levels in aviation industry. This level of ticket pricing inert ignores the important role of all dedicated cockpit-, cabin-, maintenance- and ground-crews involved in the operation. So its time rewarding these, day by day for our safety caring in the air and not to be forgotten on the ground, people at a really decent level? The raise of their salaries will only for one third effect ticket pricing. So € 10 goes up to € 13, or the… Read more »