Frankfurt Airport Evacuated Due To Security Threat

**Update: 01/17/20 @ 00:54 UTC – Frankfurt Airport shared further information about what happened; details below.**

Passengers were evacuated from Frankfurt am Main Airport Terminal 1 in relation to abandoned baggage. Parts of the airport were then closed off for a police investigation.

Frankfurt Airport
Officials had to take quick action this evening at Frankfurt Airport due to a reported bomb threat. Photo: Frankfurt Airport

Quick on the scene

Federal Police at Frankfurt Airport shared that there was a police operation at the airport in connection with an abandoned piece of luggage. It was thought to be harmless, but search measures were being conducted by the federal and state police. So some areas of the building were blocked.

Official confirmation

Frankfurt Airport verified that there was an ongoing investigation. The hub also advised that the events may cause delays to passenger journeys.

“Due to an ongoing police operation, parts of Terminal 1, the regional train station and the crossing to the long-distance train station are currently closed at Frankfurt Airport. Passengers are asked to follow the instructions of the security staff on site,” Frankfurt Airport shared on Twitter.

“As a result, there may be delays in the operation. Passengers are therefore asked to check the flight status in advance on the airlines’ websites.”

Frankfurt 747 Lufthansa
Amid the downturn in passenger activity due to the ongoing restrictions amid the global health crisis, Frankfurt Airport would have been less busy than usual, but there were still thousands of people at the site this evening. Photo: Getty Images

Action taken

A short while later, the airport asked for the public to not speculate about what is happening amid official investigations. Ultimately, they would share any updates when they have them. Footage, however, emerged showing three officers surrounding a man on the floor as they approach him slowly.

Nonetheless, the police at the airport tweeted that the operational measures have ended and the blocked areas are gradually being released. There could still be delays for passengers looking to travel through the airport as the situation clears.

Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 3, Delay
Frankfurt am Main is the busiest airport in Germany, serving over 70 million passengers in 2019. Photo: Getty Images

Recent updates

Frankfurt Airport has since released a press release wbourIt said that at approximately 17:16, a federal police patrol approached a man who was not wearing mouth and nose cover. However, immediately showed aggressive behavior towards the officers and said he will kill everyone. The man then tried to escape, but was immediately overwhelmed by the emergency services.

The suspect was brought to the police station but left his luggage behind when he tried to escape. So, with the situation still unclear, a large area of ​​departure hall B was cordoned off. After an investigation, however, the disarmers called in were able to give the all-clear.

“At the same time, a federal police control center reported that an armed man had allegedly been sighted in Terminal 1. Since a connection between the two incidents could not be ruled out, this led to the expansion of the cordoning off and evacuation measures,” the airport said in the statement, translated from German

“A large number of emergency services searched the entire airport area for the allegedly armed person. In the course of this, the regional train station was also closed at around 5:30 p.m. At around 8 p.m., the federal police gave the all-clear. An armed man in the terminal areas could be excluded.”

The interrogation and investigations into the incidents are currently ongoing.

Simple Flying reached out to Frankfurt Airport for comment about the incident that happened today but did not hear back before publication. This story is still developing and we will update the article with any further announcements.

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