Frontier Airlines Starts Health Questionnaire And Aircraft Fogging

Low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines, has begun a process of fogging its fleet of aircraft from early April and has started asking passengers to certify health statements prior to ther flight. In addition fogging aircraft through the first week of May, Frontier is also blocking some rows on its aircraft to give passengers the opportunity to practice social distancing.

Frontier A320 at gate
Frontier Airlines is fogging aircraft and blocking rows on flights. Photo: Getty Images

Aircraft fogging

A  number of airlines have started to fog aircraft to kill the virus. In a press release, the airline announced that it has also begun the process of fogging its aircraft as part of its efforts to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus to passengers and crew onboard its planes.

This procedure uses a disinfecting solution that is able to reach most surfaces onboard the aircraft. Not only does this solution affect the coronavirus, but it also kills a number of other viruses. According to Frontier, this fogging treatment is effective for up to 10 days. Aircraft are also wiped down with disinfectant every night.

Frontier Airlines Starts Health Questionnaire And Aircraft Fogging
Frontier also wipes down its aircraft every night with disinfectant. Photo: Frontier Airlines

Health questionnaire for passengers

At check-in, Frontier is now asking passengers to complete a short health form. This questionnaire requires passengers to certify that they nor anyone else they were in close contact with exhibited symptoms of the coronavirus in the last 14 days before travel. In addition, passengers are expected to check their temperature and will not travel if they have a fever. Frontier also asks passengers to wash their hands or use sanitizer before boarding. This also applies to flight attendants.

Frontier Airlines Starts Health Questionnaire And Aircraft Fogging
Frontier is asking passengers to certify a series of statements about their health prior to flight. Photo: Frontier Airlines

Social distancing onboard Frontier aircraft

More and more airlines are signing on to the policy of social distancing. A number of airlines are starting to block seats on aircraft or else limit the number of passengers in a given cabin class. Frontier is taking a similar approach. Through the first week of May, the airline will block every other row on its departing flights.

Frontier Airlines Starts Health Questionnaire And Aircraft Fogging
The airline will block every other row to give passengers more room. Photo: Frontier Airlines


As a low-cost carrier, all of Frontier’s aircraft are in an all-economy class configuration in a six-abreast configuration. Although on Frontier’s planes the middle seats are the widest.  These aircraft are quite dense thanks in part to slimline seats with no seatback screens.

Frontier american airlines getty images
Frontier charges a number of ancillary fees. Photo: Getty Images

The demand for air travel is incredibly low with most flights operating in order to transport essential personnel or cargo. As a low-cost carrier, Frontier caters mainly to leisure travelers. Given this drop in demand, it will be interesting to see if Frontier can institute this social distancing policy without losing out on revenue.

As for the aircraft fogging, this seems like a sensible precaution that serves as a way to help reassure customers that aircraft are safe for travel. Furthermore, it should effectively lower the risk of transmission of the virus.

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