Frontier Airlines Is Now Screening Every Passenger’s Temperature

Frontier has begun to screen the temperature of every person boarding its aircraft. Both passengers and staff will be subject to the new checks that were implemented today. Individuals with a temperature above 100.4 Farenheight (38C), will be denied boarding.

Frontier A320 at gate
Frontier Airlines will check the temperature of every passenger and crew member before the flight. Photo: Getty Images

Recently, we’ve seen airlines across America, and indeed the world, bringing in mandatory mask-wearing as they come to grips with the current crisis. The risk of onboard transmission on aircraft is low, according to IATA. As such, the group has recommended against social distancing on flights. However, airlines are still doing what they can to minimize any risk that does exist. Frontier Airlines, however, is taking this a step further.

Temperature checks for all

From today, every person traveling with Frontier Airlines will undergo a temperature screening process before flying. Frontier staff will receive temperature screening at the start of their shift. To work, their temperature must be no higher than 100.4F (38C).

Passengers will also be held to the 100.4F standard, and will be tested before boarding. A gate agent will use a touchless thermometer to check every passengers’ temperature.

This short video from Frontier shows the temperature check procedure:


However, it’s not automatically a no-fly decision if customers register above this temperature. The airline will instead invite the passenger to take a seat and rest before a second test. In theory, this should differentiate between somebody who has a fever and somebody who may be warm from running to the gate.

If their second test also registers above the threshold, they will then be denied boarding by a gate agent who should explain the next steps. Frontier is checking passenger temperatures until it is mandated by the TSA, something that Southwest is also campaigning for.

While the temperature checks will filter out passengers with obvious fevers, it is likely that it won’t be a foolproof system for the current pandemic. Indeed, it is possible to be infected with COVID-19 and to spread the virus without showing any symptoms at all.

Frontier Airlines covid-19 coronavirus
Frontier has implemented aircraft fogging amongst other measures to keep its passengers safe. Photo: Getty Images

What else is Frontier doing?

The new temperature checking announcement is just the latest in a string of changes brought in by Frontier since the current pandemic took hold. Before checking in, passengers are asked to confirm several things. These range from Not having COVID-19 symptoms nor residing with anybody who does, to that they agree to wash their hands before the flight.

The airline has also made face masks mandatory for passengers. However, this, unlike the temperature checks, is becoming commonplace across the industry. Also, like many other carriers, Frontier is using fogging disinfectants onboard its aircraft. The disinfectant that kills most viruses and bacteria reaches almost every surface in the aircraft’s cabin.

What do you make of temperature checks? Would you have happy undergoing a test before flying? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!