Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Breaks Their Leg During Turbulence

On August 27th, Frontier flight F9-461 was heading from Minneapolis, MN to Denver, CO when it experienced severe turbulence. The turbulence on the Airbus A320 was so bad, in fact, one of the flight attendants broke their leg.

Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Breaks Their Leg During Turbulence
The aircraft involved was an Airbus A320-200. Photo: Tomás Del Coro via Wikimedia Commons

The aircraft involved was a Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-200. The specific aircraft is registered as N328FR, and was making its descent towards Denver International Airport when it encountered turbulence. The result was that a flight attendant broke their leg. However, the plane completed a safe landing in Denver.

Unfortunately, no other details are available at this time regarding the incident. We’ve reached out to Frontier Airlines for comment but have not heard back from them as of publishing this article.

Frontier Airlines
Frontier has a fleet of 91 aircraft with more on the way. Photo: Frontier Airlines.

Perfect safety rating

According to, Frontier has a perfect seven out of seven score for safety. This score is based on a number of criteria and factors including:

  • IOSA Certification – which stands for International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit
  • Staying off the European Union (EU) Blacklist
  • Having a fatality free record for the past 10 years
  • Incidences (or lack thereof) of the airline’s fleet being grounded by its respective aviation authority. In this case, the FAA.

Other incidents involving severe turbulence

We’ve reported extensively about injuries and turbulence this summer. Most recently, an Evelop Airlines Airbus A330-300 flying from Mauritius to Madrid experienced turbulence over Ethiopia. 16 people suffered injuries.

Five days prior to that, four passengers on an All Nippon Airways (ANA) Boeing 787-8 flight from Tokyo to Beijing were injured on August 15th. According to Japan’s Ministry of Transport, the aircraft was descending through 5,500 meters and around 140km (76nm) northeast of Beijing. The plane jolted, causing two passengers and two flight attendants to receive serious injuries.

Finally, one of the most visually sensational incidences of turbulence in recent memory was onboard an Emirates flight in July. The Airbus A380 flight EK449 from Dubai to Auckland hit severe turbulence. This led to the Emirates upper deck lounge being trashed, as unsecured items were strewn about the cabin and trolleys tipped over.

More about Frontier

Frontier is a low-cost US airline whose headquarters are in Denver, Colorado. The airline currently serves over 100 cities from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

According to AirFleets, the airline has a total active fleet of 91 aircraft. An all-Airbus fleet, Frontier flies its passengers using the A319, A320, and A321. In fact, the airline has plans to expand and just this year its parent company, Indigo Partners, ordered 50 Airbus A321XLR jets. The Memorandum of Understanding announced at the Paris Air Show includes new orders for 32 A321XLRs and the conversion of 18 existing A320neo family orders.

Frontier A321XLR
Frontier Airlines can use the A321XLR to launch flights to Hawaii or Europe. Photo: Airbus