Frontier Faces Lawsuit Over Passenger Sexual Assault Claims

Frontier Airlines is facing legal action over two incidents that happened on its operations last year. The airline is being accused of failing to address complaints raised regarding these events.

A320neo Frontier Airlines
Frontier is involved in a lawsuit due to claims that it didn’t act on reports of sexual assault.  Photo: Airbus

Two separate flights

Yahoo News reports that a lawsuit was filed in Frontier’s home of Denver on December 16. The file states that the carrier did not respond to the alleged assaults and that there was not a proper follow-up.

The first of the reported incidents occurred in October 2018. A woman stated that she was assaulted by a man when flying from Denver to Providence. However, when she reported the situation to a flight attendant, she was not given permission to change her seat.

Following the flight, she shared what happened directly with the airline. Despite this, Frontier allegedly did not collaborate with the woman and failed to provide her with evidence that could help.

A month later, the second of the incidents happened on a flight that also departed from Denver. On this Floride-bound plane, it was also reported to an attendant who didn’t pass on the information. Additionally, no law enforcement officers were waiting for either of the planes when they landed.

A320neo Frontier
The two similar events both happened at the end of 2018. Photo: Airbus

A matter of policy

The suit says that it is the role of Frontier to assist with reports of assaults on its operations.

“Frontier can — and has a duty to — implement and enforce policies and procedures to prevent and deter in-flight sexual assaults and to properly respond to those that do occur, just as it does with other forms of passenger violence and disruption,” the lawsuit says, as reported by Yahoo News.

Frontier has so far been unable to share information on any ongoing litigation. However it has to stated that the safety of its customers is extremely important.

“The safety of our passengers and crew members is our number one priority at Frontier Airlines and we have strict policies in place to proactively and appropriately respond to reports of misconduct and alleged crimes,” Frontier shared, as per the report.

This news follows another suit that was filed against Frontier earlier this month. This is related to flight attendants claiming that the airline forced unpaid pregnancy leave on them and didn’t provide the needed conditions for breastfeeding.

A321 Frontier Airlines Landing
Frontier claims that it has strict policies when it comes to sexual assault. Photo: Airbus

Sensitive situations

Last month, there was a report of a sexual assault on an American Airlines flight. However, AA acted swiftly here and redirected the flight. Following this, the law took the matter into their hands.

It can be stressful and frightening to be involved in a sexual assault case in any situation let alone in a confined space such as an aircraft. Therefore, airlines need to make sure any reports are dealt with by following the set procedures.

Simple Flying reached out to Frontier for comment on this lawsuit but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with ant further announcements.

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