Frontier Airlines Will Begin Basing Crew At Newark Airport

Frontier Airlines has announced today that it will be opening a new base for flight attendants at New York-area Newark Liberty International Airport. The base will open in July of this year and comes as the airline announces huge network growth for 2020.

Frontier airlines plane
Frontier operates the largest number of A320neo aircraft in America. Photo: Frontier

Low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines’ new base at Newark airport is going to be a home-away-from-home for more than 100 flight attendants in just a couple of months. The airline has said it expects at least 100 staff to based there just four months after it opens in July.

The airline is expecting the base to help it grow its operations in the area and will require more staff to help keep everything running smoothly. It’s so confident, it has already opened up applications on its website for anyone who may want to apply. The President and CEO of the airline, Barry Biffle, said,

We look forward to welcoming many new professionals from the NYC community to our team”.

Frontier is based in Denver but this new base shows the airline’s investment in the New York City area. The airline recently announced that its Newark hub will serve two new routes to the Dominican Republic; Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros.

Frontier airlines denver getty images
Frontier’s base in Denver. Photo: Getty Images

The future of Frontier

The new flights which begin in March were announced in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism in New York City. Frontier announced in December last year that it would be launching 25 new routes for summer 2020, including the Newark routes to the Dominican Republic.

The airline appears to be well-positioned for the future in terms of aircraft as well. Currently, it operates over 90 A320s and has the largest fleet of A320neos in America. The economical, quiet aircraft mean Frontier is one of America’s most fuel-efficient airlines as ranked by the ICCT.

It also has over 150 Airbus planes on order, according to its own website, so its fleet is young and ready to expand as the airline grows. But it isn’t only growing its network and its fleet, the new base in Newark will open just months after it previously announced it was expanding its base in Miami.

Another base

Frontier announced at the end of last year that it would begin basing staff at a hub in Miami. It said that over 100 flight attendants and at least 30 pilots would be based in Miami as it expands its network. The base is also set to be home to a large number of the airline’s fleet. In fact, apart from American Airlines, Frontier will be the largest operator out of Miami International Airport.

Frontier american airlines getty images
Frontier is the second-largest operator in Miami after American Airlines. Photo: Getty Images

Miami is the airline’s sixth hub in the states with Newark airport becoming the seventh. Other Frontier hubs include Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Orlando. The airline is also building a new training center for flight attendants within the new few years.

After another successful year, the opening of two more bases this year, Frontier really is on the up. With their low-cost fares, they seem to one of the carriers getting it right while so many others are going under. The question is, how long will their success last? We certainly hope it continues for a while yet.