Genghis Khan Airlines Commences Operations

Early last month we introduced you to the startup carrier Genghis Khan Airlines. Well, we’ve now learned that the small Chinese carrier has launched its operations with the Comac ARJ21 flying from its base in Hohhot to the city of Ulanhot yesterday.

Genghis Khan Airlines Commences Operations
One of the two ARJ aircraft the airline currently operates. Photo: Genghis Khan Airlines

According to FlightGlobal, Genghis Khan airlines has already received two ARJ21s but plans to operate 25 of the type by 2024. The carrier will be the first to have an entirely Chinese-made fleet. Genghis Khan chairman, Yutao Hao, states that his airline,

“shoulders the mission of exploring the industrialised development of China-made jet airliners…[and General Electric’s] deep experience and comprehensive support will play an outstanding role in fulfilling this mission”.

GE, as the sole engine supplier of the aircraft, says that its CF34-10A power-plants are “ideally suited” to the ARJ21 and adds that the engine…

“meets the demanding conditions of China’s diverse environment, specifically the hot temperature and high-altitude conditions experienced on many routes in mid-west and north China”.


Genghis Khan Airlines Commences Operations
Genghis Khan airlines has its base in the Inner Mongolian city of Hohhot. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

According to Air Transport World, initial services will connect points within Inner Mongolia via its base in Hohhot. Hohhot is the capital of the province of Inner Mongolia and according to Lonely Planet, its streets are “attractively tree-lined” with many “Tibetan Buddhist temples in town – more than enough to keep you busy for a day or two before heading to the hinterlands. Helpfully, most of the sights congregate in the same part of town, making sightseeing a doddle.”

Two routes from the city of Hohhot have commenced as of July 26: to Xilinhot and Ulanhot. These relatively unknown cities can be seen on the map below:

Genghis Khan Airlines Commences Operations
The location of its two current routes within Inner Mongolia. Photo: GCMaps

The aircraft

The COMAC ARJ21-700s now in use by Genghis Khan were once under the ownership of several state agencies. However, a provincial investment company now fully owns the aircraft. That provincial investment company itself is mainly owned by yet another investment company.

Air Transport World reports that the carrier is a Chinese airline controlled by a provincial government. Therefore, it would typically place a high priority on promoting local economic development.

Genghis Khan Airlines is now the second operator of the ARJ21. The first was the COMAC-owned Chengdu Airlines.

Genghis Khan Airlines Commences Operations
The range of the ARJ21-700 visualized from the airline’s hub. Photo: GCMaps

In March, Simple Flying wrote an article about the ARJ21 type aircraft and said:

“The ARJ21 is a small jet aircraft that looks very similar to the old MD-80 (which was licensed to be built in China). But COMAC claims that it is an original design, part of which was created by supercomputers in China.”


We’re guessing that the majority of our readers won’t be flying with this airline anytime soon. However, if you have any plans to fly on this new startup then we’d love to hear about your experience!