Airline Startup Of The Week: Genghis Khan Airlines


We like to feature airline startups every now and then. Our last startup feature was FlyBosnia, while today we are looking at Genghis Khan Airlines. Next month the Chinese airline will make it’s big launch.

The airline, formerly known as Tianjiao Airlines, took delivery of its second Comac ARJ21-700 earlier this week. According to AIN Online, the Chinese regional carrier is based at Hohhot Baita International Airport.

One of the two ARJ aircraft the airline currently has. Photo: Genghis Khan Airlines

Airline identity

As the airline operates in Inner Mongolia – it is appropriate for it to adopt the name Genghis Khan. The founder and ruler of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan’s empire became the largest contiguous empire after his death.

According to the airline’s website, the logo design is inspired by several national elements which include Sulu Ingot, Zhangye, Colorful Cloud and Phoenix:

  • Sulu ingot is the sacred flag of the Mongolian nation. It is both the flag of the invincible and the mascot of the world.
  • Zhang Wei is a collar worn after a Mongolian wrestler wins a contest, symbolizing wisdom, strength and honor.
  • Colorful clouds and phoenix are totems of the Chinese nation, meaning auspiciousness and harmony.

The logo implies unity, victory and good fortune. Furthermore, it combines the distinctive Chinese traditional culture with Mongolian characteristics.

The Genghis Khan Airlines Logo. Photo: Genghis Khan Airlines

The fleet

The Chinese carrier has done away with its initial plans to operate a fleet of Bombardier CRJ900s. All of this was after solidifying an agreement to have 50 ARJ21s (25 firm orders and 25 options) in August 2018.


It’s not certain why the airline went with the COMAC ARJ aircraft instead of Bombardier’s CRJs (soon the program may be sold to Mitsubishi). However, Blue Swan Daily reports that Genghis Khan Airlines may have chosen the ARJ because it allows the carrier an opportunity for quick expansion of operations.

Earlier this year, Simple Flying wrote an article providing more insight in to the ARJ21 type aircraft. In the article we wrote:

“The ARJ21 is a small jet aircraft that looks very similar to the old MD-80 (which was licensed to be built in China). But COMAC claims that it is an original design, part of which was created by supercomputers in China.”

The aircraft will carry between 78 to 90 passengers, depending on the class configuration of the airline. It also has a range between 1200 and 2000 nautical miles.

The airline will utilize COMAC ARJ21 aircraft in its fleet. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The routes

The airline’s hub and base will be at Hohhot Baita International Airport. According to the airline’s website, other city destinations will include Hohhot, Ulanhot, and Xilinhot. All three of these destinations are in Northern China and are fairly close to the border with Mongolia.

The airlines hub is located at Hohhot Baita International Airport, Inner Mongolia. Photo: Google Maps


In conclusion, we know that the airline business is a tough one with razor thin margins. It takes a lot of upfront investment and many small and new airlines don’t make it too far. What do you think of this new start-up? Are you willing to give it a try? Let us know!