No Joke – Germania Flug Rebrands As Chair Airlines

There are some news stories that are just too weird to be fake. One such story involves Germania Flug. Now, Germania Flug is Chair Airlines. The rebranding marks the relaunch of the carrier under a new name.

Germania Bankrupt
Germania is now Chair Airlines. Photo: Germania

Germania Flug

Germania Flug is headquartered in Zurich. Operating A319s, the airline was separate from Germania which is no longer an active carrier. It seems that, in an effort to avoid negative publicity and a revamping of the airline, they decided to go for a new airline name. In this case, Chair Airlines as reported by Aviation24.

Chair Airlines

The name Chair Airlines comes from the literal seat you sit on during flight. In addition, the quirkiness might play out well with millennials who are an increasingly difficult group to get flying with loyalty. Overall, it seems the renaming is a way for the airline to set itself apart and as something memorable.

Zurich is dominated by Swiss International Airlines, a Lufthansa Group subsidiary. Additional competition would be welcome- especially by visitors planning on coming to Zurich for a ski vacation. On the other hand, Swiss International perhaps offers a much better seat on some aircraft that Chair Airlines.

Swiss 777 J Throne seat
Swiss 777 Throne Seat in Business. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

In terms of business model, nothing is really changing. Chair Airlines is expected to maintain its relationships with charters and tour groups. You should only expect to see them flying short-haul routes in Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean region.


Chair Airlines operates the A319 and one is already in the new livery. The livery draws heavily on red and blue. This is a stark difference from Germania’s former livery. Three total A319s will be operated by Chair Airlines. The other two will soon be repainted and placed into service. It does not seem like any major improvements will take place inside the aircraft.


Airline rebrandings come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are simple livery changes, others are mergers, and some, like Chair Airlines, are complete rebrandings. What ultimately matters is how the airline operates and what the new airline will look like. Hopefully, Chair Airlines can turn a profit and keep flying into the future. What is important for them is to fill a niche that works for them and consumers.

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