48 Hour Germanwings Cabin Crew Strike Called For Monday

The UFO cabin crew union has called for a 48-hour strike of Germanwings cabin crew. The strike is part of the union’s #lhconcern campaign calling for change across Lufthansa Group airlines.

Germanwings, Cabin Crew, Strike
Germanwings cabin crew have been told to walk out on Monday. Photo: Sebastien Mortier via Wikimedia

Over the past several months, the UFO cabin crew union in Germany has made it known that it is unhappy with the airlines of the Lufthansa Group. This has already seen two strikes this year. A 24-hour warning strike at Lufthansa’s subsidiaries, in addition to a 48-hour strike of cabin crew at the ‘main’ Lufthansa airline. Now, the union is threatening 48-hours of further strike action. This time at Germanwings.

Why is the UFO unhappy?

The UFO cabin crew union is calling for different changes at each Lufthansa subsidiary, as well as Lufthansa itself. The union had reached a cease-fire with Lufthansa, however, it has now said: “In unsuccessful negotiations, the employer repeatedly and finally made it clear that we did not want to meet our demand for a part-time collective agreement.”.

In a German-language leaflet sent out to members in October, the union lists its demands by each German airline within the Lufthansa group. Roughly translated the demands are as follows:

  • 1.8% salary increase at Lufthansa;
  • 2% salary increase at Lufthansa CityLine;
  • 5% salary increase at Sunexpress Germany;
  • A previously negotiated pension at Eurowings;
  • A matter previously the subject of strike action at Germanwings.
Germanwings, Cabin Crew, Strike
The UFO union is unhappy with several Lufthansa group airlines. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

48-hours of strike action

Unlike British Airways’ pilot strike earlier this year, the UFO pilots union is nor required to give 14 days notice of strike action. As a result, strike action at Germanwings is set to commence at Midnight on Monday.

Translated from German, the union said:

“We, therefore, call on all UFO eV members and cabin employees of Germanwings GmbH at all German locations. Strike all Germanwings flights that depart from Germany on Monday, December 30th, 2019 from 12:00 am LT to Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 midnight. In addition, all deadhead trips and proceedings (including ground transport) are struck, which are to be carried out by cabin staff of Germanwings GmbH in the above-mentioned period.”

Germanwings, Cabin Crew, Strike
Eurowings flights could also be affected. Photo: Eurowings

What if I have travel planned?

If you’re planning to travel with Germanwings on Monday, you should expect disruption. When the last Lufthansa strike occurred, a portion of flights still ran. You should also be aware that some Eurowings flights are operated by Germanwings and may be affected.

If you have travel insurance, you should check whether you are entitled to compensation. In any case, if your flight is severely delayed or canceled, you should be due compensation, and the airline should still try and get you to your destination as it is due to events within the airline’s control according to EU-261.

A Lufthansa spokesperson told Simple Flying:

“We are constructively looking forward. We are still interested in a major arbitration. In our view, strikes are not a solution. We are now looking at the proposed arbitration dates in January.”

Are you due to fly with Eurowings on Monday or Tuesday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!