How To Get Flight Deals No One Else Can

Have you ever wondered how those Instagram ‘celebrities’ seem to always be jetting around the world with no apparent income or lack of points?

Half the time its because they are getting paid by the airline to show off their new route (Or they are an airline reviewer “Hello Lufthansa I’m ready to review your new business class on your 777X!“).

The other half of the time they are in the know of this little website called Mighty Travels Premium.

What is Mighty Travels Premium?

Now, I can already hear the alarm bells going off, is this some paid promotion for some travel website that Skyscanner or Google flights can do for free?

No, its way better!

Mighty Travels Premium finds the best deals and makes sure they are bookable via a direct link they provide which goes either to an Online Travel Agent or to a Meta Search engine. Mighty Travels is not a travel agent. Mighty Travels Premium customers save at least 40% off regular ticket prices.

The types of flights that are either too good to be true (For example Fly London to New York In A First Class Cabin for $614!) or straight up mistakes (Like flying in India for only 2 cents!).

Already this is super powerful. In the past, we might have mentioned a certain email list services that provide you with an email once a week with a flight deal, or a hidden Facebook group. These were rather expensive and didn’t actually provide you with that much value if the offer didn’t apply to you. As someone from Sydney, Australia, it was difficult to get much out of a deal for cheap flights “Business class: Brussels to Madrid”.

Mighty Travels Premium provides you with a dashboard that allows you to see all the deals that are currently available at any time (No waiting around for an email or a post). Thanks to machine learning and some human PI level tracking, there are some great deals that are rarely posted through other sites.

Plus, via the dashboard, you can be alerted whenever there is a fantastic deal via email or phone.

Proof of some great deals?

Naturally, you would want some proof if we were spruiking a service. So I actually do have an account and will show you what I can find.

Now as we have readers all over the world we will start with some examples of latest offerings via the site, with none of the filters switched on.

Rio De Janeiro to Madrid – Business for $1,321 return:

get-the-best-flight-deals mighty travels scoring the best flight deals flight deals

And here is the best from google flights:

cheap flights

That’s over a grand difference. If you look at the bottom of the google flights you can see that the LATAM flight is at least $2,924. And that’s a round trip price.

Let’s try another one, maybe economy for those more budget conscious travellers (Afterall, that’s why we are using this service to save money!)

get-the-best-flight-deals mighty travels scoring the best flight deals flight deals

A quick trip to India next week for $286 on Etihad.

Let us see the google flights equivalent:

cheap flights

Wow! That’s double the price. Etihad does not appear on this ‘best flights’ list and comes in at $521

get-the-best-flight-deals mighty travels scoring the best flight deals flight deals

If you’re in Hawaii and you want to get away for the Christmas break, why not fly Delta Business for $1,934 to windy Chicago.

cheap flights

Now, this deal is only $250 cheaper, but that’s still a good saving.

Let us see if I can find a relevant one that leaves from Sydney, Australia. Preferably somewhere warm! I’ll include low-cost-carriers for this search.

Qantas to Hong Kong for $380

cheap flights

Or Sydney to Tokyo for Sushi for $378

cheap flights

Maybe I’ll go visit the Great Barrier Reef for $168 (It normally costs $220 for the boat ride out to the reef)

cheap flights

Or for my birthday fly down to Melbourne for less money than I’d spend on a round of drinks.

cheap flights

For less than a thousand dollars I could go back and forth across the world for the next two months.

Once you have found the perfect deal you can then go onto book the deal on another site such as Kayak/ Skyscanner/Wego and Momondo. Note: Mighty Travels is not a booking site itself.

Mighty Travels Premium is a monthly service that costs $7.99 a month, or $59/year.

Take the Free Trial for Mighty Travels Premium Here.