Which Airlines Fly To Gibraltar Airport?

Gibraltar Airport is famously known for the four-lane road crossing it: Winston Churchill Avenue. With just a handful of gates and no taxiway along most of the runway, the airport’s daily movements are somewhat limited.

Gibraltar, Airlines, British Airways
Gibraltar Airport is well known for the highway crossing over its runway. Photo: Getty Images

The number of airlines serving Gibraltar is minimal. For many, visiting the British Overseas Territory means traveling via London or flying to Malaga and traveling via land. The number of carriers serving the airport recently got a boost with Wizz Air’s arrival last week. Let’s see which carriers are flying to the tiny airport.

Four fixed-wing airlines

According to Gibraltar Airport, five scheduled operators serve the airport. Four are airlines using fixed-wing aircraft, while the fifth is a helicopter airline.

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British Airways currently offers the most flights to Gibraltar, with flights in January operating daily from Wednesday to Monday, with two services on Fridays. The service’s timing varies depending on the day of operation, with prices starting from €41.

Gibraltar, Airlines, British Airways
British Airways currently operates the most flights to Gibraltar. Photo: Getty Images

For most of January, easyJet will only operate two weekly services to Gibraltar on Mondays and Fridays from London Gatwick. From mid-February, the airline will start offering more frequent flights with prices starting at €30. The low-cost carrier also operates flights to Gibraltar from Manchester and Bristol (date dependant), with services from Edinburgh due to launch at the end of March. Outside of the current situation, the airline has also offered services from London Luton.

Gibraltar, Airlines, British Airways
easyJet operates the most comprehensive network of flights to the British Overseas Territory. Photo: Getty Images

Wizz Air is the new kid on the block when serving the Mediterranean British Overseas Territory. Indeed, the airline’s first flight to Gibraltar took place on Friday, December 11th. Wizz Air’s fares start from just €14. Interestingly, the airline was forced to ground an aircraft at the airport overnight yesterday following its second-ever service. Due to a bird strike, the airline had to delay its return until today, with passengers being placed in hotels overnight, according to The Aviation Herald.

Any flights not from the UK?

You may have noticed that all three carriers mentioned above are operating flights from the United Kingdom to Gibraltar. However, there are a couple of options for flying to the airport without departing the UK. Firstly, Helity, the previously mentioned helicopter carrier, operates flights from Malaga to Gibraltar, opening up the airport to a much more comprehensive selection of travelers. However, it appears that these services are currently not scheduled.

Gibraltar, Airlines, British Airways
Spain’s Iberia flew to Gibraltar for around two years from late 2006. Photo: Getty Images

Royal Air Maroc also previously operated flights to Gibraltar from Tangier and Casablanca. However, due to the current situation and travel bans, the flights aren’t operating for the time being. As such, your best bet for landing next to the giant Rock of Gibraltar is from the UK at the time being.

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