GoAir Flight Delayed After A Pigeon Flies Through The Cabin

**Update 03/02 @ 18:06UTC- Statement from GoAir Inserted Below**

A routine GoAir flight got a little interesting after passengers spotted a pigeon flying through the cabin. This caused some pre-departure chaos. However, the pigeon was eventually offloaded and the flight operated as normal. It appears that this incident occurred on February 28th.

A GoAir flight was delayed after pigeons entered the aircraft. Photo: Airbus

Pigeon flies through GoAir aircraft

GoAir flight 702 is a regularly scheduled commercial flight between Ahmedabad and Jaipur. These two cities in Northwest India are well known for their culture and food. The flight itself is short– about an hour or less.

On February 28th, the flight began with an interesting event. Shortly after all the passengers had settled in, there was a new passenger onboard. This passenger was, in fact, a pigeon who flew through the cabin. Check out the video below:

Passengers and crew alike were amused at the bird’s presence onboard. However, the pigeon was able to leave the aircraft and the flight continued as normal to Jaipur. For most people onboard, this will be a memorable flight on a low-cost carrier. At least this entertainment was free!

Go Air responded to Simple Flying’s request for comment, providing the following information:

Two pigeons found their way inside GoAir’s Ahmedabad to Jaipur flight G8 702 while passengers were on-boarding. 
The crew immediately got the birds shooed away outside. The flight took off as per its scheduled time of 17:00 hours. 
GoAir regrets any inconvenience caused to its passengers and requests the airport authorities to get rid of this menace

Animals on a plane

Animals do unintentionally end up on planes. Last year, a bat made its way onto a Spirit Airlines flight. The majority of animals in aircraft are indeed intentional passengers, occupying cabins as either pets or emotional support animals. Although, some people like to skirt around the rules with emotional support animals. However, GoAir does not allow pets or service animals onboard its aircraft.

GoAir does not allow pets or emotional support animals onboard its aircraft. Photo: Getty Images

It is possible that the pigeon found its way into the aircraft while it had its doors open for boarding. Alternately, the bird could have flown in during catering or maintenance staff were working on the aircraft. How it escaped notice is a different story, however. Nevertheless, traveling with a bird in the plane is not the best option. The environment in a plane is much different than what birds are used to and there is no telling how this bird might have reacted inflight.

GoAir background

Low-cost carriers are growing in presence across the globe. India is no exception. In fact, low fares across India are putting pressure on full-service carriers. GoAir is a significant low-cost carrier in the country. Do note that this is a separate airline from IndiGo, which is actually India’s largest carrier.

GoAir plane
GoAir is a low-cost carrier in India. Photo: Airbus

Like many other low-cost carriers, GoAir operates an all-Airbus fleet and has ordered a total of over 140 Airbus A320neo aircraft. In addition, the airline does operate a few A320ceo aircraft. Last year, the carrier inducted its 50th aircraft into its fleet and crossed the 72 million passenger threshold.


A pigeon onboard a GoAir flight turned a routine flight into something more eventful prior to takeoff. However, the bird did make its way off of the aircraft and the flight was able to continue as normal.

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