Introducing Great Dane Airlines – A New Danish Airline Launching This Summer

In a time when airlines are going bust, it is great to see a new airline come into existence. Recently, we wrote about Vietnam’s latest new airline, Bamboo Airways. Now, Denmark will be welcoming a new carrier soon.

Called “Great Dane Airlines,” the airline will base its operations out of Aalborg, a city at the northern tip of Denmark.

Great Dane Airlines will be based out of Aalborg, Denmark. Photo: Great Dane Airlines

As the image depicts, Great Dane Airlines will be flying Embraer E195 aircraft on routes to leisure destinations out of Aalborg.

Aalborg is one of Denmark’s underserved gateways with direct flights to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Malaga, London, Oslo, and Barcelona. As Denmark’s fourth-largest city with a population of just over 215,000, Great Dane Airlines is looking to improve access to and from northern Denmark.

They have indicated the first routes will be flown to Dublin, Edinburgh, and Nice.

Great Dane Airlines will first fly from Aalborg to Edinburgh, Nice, and Dublin.

Should these routes perform well, Great Dane Airlines would like to also introduce service from Copenhagen and Billund. Great Dane Airlines is also looking to capitalize on the leisure market and introduce future flights to places like Crete, Mallorca, Rhodes, and Varna.

For now, however, they are looking to start small and gradually grow bigger. This is, perhaps, smart as many airlines have struggled with rapid expansion and difficult financials due to high fuel prices among other concerns.

With E195 aircraft, Great Dane Airlines is looking to fly 118 passengers for low fares from Aalborg. To go to Nice, Great Dane Airlines is looking to charge only €69 one way. Like many airlines, Great Dane Airlines will introduce a basic economy kind of fare with limited seating and luggage options in addition to more full-service fares that include luggage and seating options. Many airlines benefit from these ancillary revenues and it looks like Great Dane Airlines intends to do the same.

Tickets are intended to go on sale starting from March 5, 2019 as per their website, which looks like this:

Great Dane Airlines intends to start selling tickets from March 5th.

The website already has some basic contact information up, so it looks like Great Dane Airlines is moving forward with their launch. It will be interesting to see how Great Dane Airlines markets their flights. So far, their website is very minimal and their online presence is difficult to find. However, it does seem like there has been some media buzz surrounding the launch of the new carrier.


Managed correctly, Great Dane Airlines really could be a niche carrier that performs well. It does not seem like Great Dane Airlines has rapid expansion plans, which is good since these kinds of plans have troubled neighboring carrier Norwegian.

Should Great Dane Airlines seek to expand, it seems their low-cost model could be the way to go with expanding service to underserved leisure markets.

Granted, this would be a difficult market since there are plenty of options throughout Europe, however direct service out of northern Denmark is scarce.

We will watch and see how Great Dane Airlines turns out with their launch and wish them the best of luck as they expand air connectivity to northern Denmark.

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  1. I think Steve must be reading a different article, because Norway isn’t mentioned once (only a nod to neighbouring Norwegian) and Denmark is stated quite a few times?!
    Well done Great Dane Airlines, I wish you all the very best

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