Impressive: A Look At Gulfstream’s Ultra Fast G700 Private Jet

Gulfstream’s flagship new business jet, the G700, has set a new speed record flying between two sets of city pairs. The aircraft averaged Mach 0.90 between Doha and Paris, flying as part of its certification testing. The spacious business jet is expected to enter service next year.

Gulfstream G700
The G700 has proven itself to be fast and efficient. Photo: Gulfstream

Gulfstream’s G700 sets a city pair record

The hotly anticipated G700 from Gulfstream has set a new city pair speed record on a test flight from Savannah to Doha and then again from Doha to Paris. The aircraft completed its first leg – Savannah to Doha – in 13 hours and six minutes. The distance: a cool 6,711 nautical miles (12,428 km), giving it an average speed of Mach 0.88.

Next, it flew from Doha to Paris, completing the 2,953 nautical mile (5,469 km) trip in just six hours and 15 minutes. It clocked up an average speed of Mach 0.90 on this trip, breaking records for the fastest flight between the two city pairs.

Gulfstream G700
It first took flight in February last year. Photo: Gulfstream

Mark Burns, president at Gulfstream, commented on the record saying,

“These were the first international flights for the G700, and it performed exceptionally well, setting two new records in the process. We are excited to introduce the G700 in person to customers in the Middle East and Europe and are proud that we can do so while also demonstrating our commitment to sustainability at the same time.”

The G700 took its first flight on February 14th, 2020. Since then, it has undergone multiple flight tests, with a total of four test aircraft joining the demonstration fleet. In April this year, the first fully outfitted G700 took flight, as the manufacturer began its cabin testing phase of certification. It is expected to enter into service in 2022.

Gulfstream G700
The G700 is expected to enter service in 2022. Photo: Gulfstream

But what’s inside?

While the speed and efficiency of the G700 are all well and good, what everyone really wants to know is what it’s like on the inside.

Inside, the most spacious private jet cabin is ready to greet its guests. As well as being vast, it is also comfortable, with 100% fresh, never recycled air, 20 large windows, and a circadian lighting system to help tackle jetlag. The company announced recently that the G700 will fly with a cabin altitude of 2,916 feet / 889 meters – the lowest of any cabin in the business jet market.

Gulfstream G700
The cabin is the largest in the industry. Photo: Gulfstream

The aircraft features the industry’s first-ever ‘ultragalley,’ complete with more than 10 feet of counter space. It also has a dedicated crew area, a conference and dining area for six, and a stateroom with a full-height wardrobe. Finishes are all about luxury, with natural stone flooring in the galley and bathrooms, quartz countertops, and various other bespoke features.

Burns continued,

“Not only did the aircraft prove its speed and distance capabilities, the fully outfitted cabin is also receiving rave reviews with its impressive cabin size, environment, quality and flexibility.”

Gulfstream G700
Passengers will be able to customize the interior to their own needs. Photo: Gulfstream

In all, the G700 has space for up to five separate living areas, with the option to include a passenger lounge, a master suite with shower as well as spaces to entertain or to conduct business presentations. Of course, the exact configuration will be down to the owner to decide, but the large space on offer gives future customers plenty of room to put their own stamp on this fast, capable business jet.