Cockpit Smoke Prompts Hawaii Flight Diversion

A Hawaiian bound charter Boeing 767 was forced to turn back to Las Vegas after the cockpit reported smoke. The aircraft was carrying 127 passengers on board but managed to safely land back at McCarran International Airport.

Cockpit Smoke Prompts Hawaii Flight Diversion
Omni Air International Boeing 767-200. Photo: Brand via Wikipedia

What are the details?

As reported by CNBC 3 News Las Vegas, Omni Air Express flight 112, flown by a Boeing 767-200 had taken off from the glittering desert city at 9:28 AM when the cockpit reported smoke in the cabin at around 10:00 AM

The route of the aircraft. Photo: Flight Aware

The aircraft decided to return back to Las Vegas and was able to land without any problems. It is unclear if the aircraft was met by fire trucks on the runway and passengers evacuated with slides, or if the aircraft taxied to the terminal and disembarked. You would expect it to be the former but all we know is that the fire department at the airport inspected the aircraft and found no signs of fire nor smoke.

As the aircraft is currently grounded and awaiting inspection, the passengers are a bit out of luck. The airline does not have another Hawaiian bound service departing today and it is unlikely that they will charter a rival aircraft to get their passengers to the island state. Either they will have to wait for another aircraft to be flown in or until the original plane is repaired.

Simple Flying as reached out to the carrier for comment but has not received a reply as of the time of publishing.

Who is Omni Air International?

Omni Air International is a charter airline that operates routes from private companies or wet-leasing for airlines. It actually originally got its start running narrowbody freight operations for FedEx and DHL but since moved into passenger charter flights.

Like all wet-lease airlines, they have a full team of pilots, flight attendants, ground agents, and a 24/7 command center to manage their operations.

They have a fleet of 13 aircraft, specifically three Boeing 767-200ERs (two of which are operating for Air Canada year-round), seven Boeing 767-300ERs, and three Boeing 777-200ERs. With such a large passenger capacity, the airline offers services not just to airlines, but to large corporations, the US military, and even cruise ships!

An Omni Air Boeing 777-200ER arrives at Bermuda International Airport. Photo: Bdaguy2012 via Wikimedia

The airline was most famously recently hired to help repatriate stranded British tourists who were left behind when the holiday travel airline Thomas Cook collapsed. The airline was contracted by the Civil Aviation Authority under the instruction of the British government to operate rescue flights returning stranded Thomas Cook passengers to the UK.

We don’t know for sure which client has hired the aircraft for the trip to Hawaii, but if I was to hazard a guess it would likely be a corporation running a Christmas party to the island states.

What do you think? Can you think of an issue that would have created a sense of smoke? Let us know in the comments down.