Hawaiian Airlines To Up Competition With ANA’s Airbus A380

Hawaiian Airlines is expected to offer an additional service between Honolulu and Tokyo. The new service is expected to commence in early 2020 and comes following an early DoT announcement on the route.

Hawaiian Airlines, Tokyo, ANA
Hawaiian operates an Airbus A330 on the route from Honolulu to Tokyo. Photo: Tomás Del Coro via Wikimedia

Earlier this year, Japanese carrier ANA received its first and second Airbus A380 aircraft. Having ordered three of the aircraft, the carrier solely operates it on the route from Tokyo to Honolulu. Indeed, by the time the third aircraft had been delivered, ANA would hold 25% of seats available on the route. It seems as though Hawaiian has something to say about this, having announced increased frequency on the route.

Increased Hawaiian frequency

Hawaiian Airlines will be increasing the frequency of its service between Honolulu and Tokyo. The airline currently operates two flights to Tokyo. The first departs from Honolulu at 16:05 landing in Tokyo the next day at 19:25 after 8-hours and 20-minutes. The second flight operates from Honolulu at 18:40, touching down in Tokyo at 22:00 the next day. The second flight operates Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The earlier return flight departs Tokyo at 21:20. After 7-hours and 55-minutes, it is scheduled to touch down in Hawaii at 10:15. Meanwhile, the second flight departs at 23:55. After an 8-hour flight, it is scheduled to touch down at 12:55. Again, the later flight only operates Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Hawaiian Airlines, Tokyo, ANA
Hawaiian will up the frequency of Honolulu to Tokyo flights. Photo: GCMaps

Hawaiian Airlines has received a preliminary decision from the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding setting up a new service between Honolulu and Tokyo. The airline expects that the new flight will commence in early 2020. This means that it will be ready for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

According to The Points Guy, there are six daily slots available to land at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport for US airlines, as set out in an open skies agreement. However, the DoT award addresses the fact that 12 new slots were made available by agreement.

ANA competition

Hawaiian Airlines currently faces competition from All Nippon Airways on the route between Honolulu and Tokyo. In fact, this route is one that ANA is incredibly proud of. The airline ordered three Airbus A380 aircraft, each with a different turtle livery.

By swapping the route to the Airbus A380, ANA has seen a noticeable increase in their passenger capacity. While the airline has only received two A380s, it expects a third to be delivered next year. Once this is delivered, ANA had estimated they would provide 25% of all of the seats on the route.

ANA Hawaiian Airlines Tokyo
ANAs first of three A380s was delivered in March. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

ANA’s new A380 aircraft are currently operating daily flights to Honolulu, and as such, the airport has made some adjustments for the airline. In fact, the A380s, known as Flying Honu, have their own dedicated gate at the Hawaiian airport. This means that passengers are able to walk straight from the ANA lounge onto the aircraft.

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