Hawaiian Flight Attendants Protest… By Helping Passengers With Bags

Following disputes over pay, Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants staged a protest at Honolulu Airport today. However, there wasn’t any disruption for customers as the picketers took action by helping them with their baggage.

Hawaiian Airlines’ A321neo
Hawaiian Airlines has been in talks with its staff over their contracts for three years. Photo: Airbus

Aloha spirit

Hawaii News Now reports that the flight attendants brought out a true Hawaiian energy with their demonstration. This was also shown to Hawaiian’s negotiating team, which was presented with traditional lei as a welcome gesture.

The staff members claim that they want to show that they are still willing to commit to their work despite the ongoing talks over contracts.

“I don’t think that they truly understand the disconnect, the aloha spirit we bring to work every day,” said flight attendant Jaci-Ann Chung, as reported by Hawaii News Now.

“So even though we’ve been languishing over contract negotiations for three years, we still show up to work and do our job as professionals.”

A321neo Hawaiian
Employees have shared their concerns over a lack of pay compared with other carriers. Photo: Airbus

Why the protest?

Last month, the majority of the attendants voted to authorize a strike on the airline. In fact, all but one percent voted in favor of this decision. However, this move is yet to occur as the two parties are still in mediation.

Altogether, the attendants are looking to improve their overall pay. These employees are paid around 22.5 percent less than those at other airlines. Hawaiian has offered to raise its pay in response to frustrations. However, the staff’s union claims that the increase will be countered by rising retirement and medical costs.

Hawaiian A321neo
The airline needs to conclude its contract negotiations soon or its staff will go on strike. Photo: Airbus

A different route

It must be a stressful period for the airline and its staff. However, it is positive to see that the attendants are continuing to serve passengers while they are picketing. It’s also a useful way to raise awareness with the public about the issues that they are going through.

Demonstrations often get knocked for disrupting services and the cause often gets dismissed. However, the approach taken by Hawaiian’s employees could manage to get several passengers on the side of their cause.

Hawaiian has now been operating in the skies for 90 years. The firm only celebrated this feat last month. To mark the occasion, it shared that about 90% of its over 7,000 employees class the islands as their home.

Therefore, the famous hospitality of the region runs through the company. This is shown by the way they picketed by helping customers with their bags. Hopefully, the parties can reach an agreement as we head into the new decade.

Simple Flying reached out to Hawaiian Airlines on its situation with its staff but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further comment.

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