Wow: Hawaiian Long Weekends In May Around $200 From California

Aloha! Our latest bargain find takes us into the Pacific Ocean, to the island state of Hawaii. We’ve found some great value fares for long weekends in May from Los Angeles International (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL).

Hawaiian Airlines is one of three airlines offering these valuable flights. Photo: Getty Images

The airlines

Several carriers serve the route from Los Angeles to Honolulu, but three in particular keep cropping up with reasonable fares on the dates we’ve found. They are:

The latter two choices are particularly favorable for passengers wishing to enjoy a high-value long-haul business class cabin. Hawaiian operates the Airbus A330 on this route, with United deploying the Boeing 777. These aircraft have a small number of flatbed seats in their forward cabins – get them before they’re gone!

Alaska Airlines utilizes the Boeing 737 for its flights between Los Angeles and Hawaii. While these aircraft do not feature flatbeds, the 2-2 configured first class reclining seats with a 41-inch pitch at the front of the aircraft still make for a fantastic way to cross the Pacific!

United Airlines Boeing 777-200
United Airlines offers flatbeds to first class passengers on this route. Photo: Getty Images

The dates

Flights between Los Angeles and Honolulu generally take between five-and-a-half and six hours. With this in mind, the long weekends that we have searched for run from Thursday to Tuesday. This will ensure that travelers have sufficient time to enjoy some of the island state’s delights, despite having to put their first and last days aside for flying. You can find the flights at the links below!

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Following breakthroughs in testing procedures, travel in Hawaii opened up following a significant downturn. The state will undoubtedly be a great getaway for those looking for a break.

What are your thoughts about these deals to Hawaii? Will you be heading to the state soon?