Hawaiian To Launch The Longest Domestic Flight – Honolulu to Boston!

Just yesterday we published an article on the new possible route of Boston to London, but now it seems like you could fly London to Honolulu with just one stop in Boston, on the same network of flight partners!

How is this possible? Its been revealed that Hawaiian is preparing to launch a direct route between Boston and Honolulu, which technically will be the longest domestic route in the world, at 5083 miles / 8180.3 km / 4417.01 nautical miles.

boston to honolulu hawaiian airlines hawaiian airlines boston
Boston to Hawaii according to Google Earth. No route currently exists, read below what happens if you click on the Google Flights link.

This new route is quite the distance and one that until now has involved a multitude of stops. Hawaiian already does the mammoth long Honolulu to New York route, and this new route is a simple 100-mile extension.

boston to honolulu hawaiian airlines hawaiian airlines boston
Google Flights results for “Boston to Honolulu”.

According to google flights, currently, the best way from Boston to Honolulu is either via Las Vegas (LAS) on Jet Blue + Hawaiian (Hawaiian partner airline), Los Angeles (LAX) on American or surprisingly Denver (DEN) on United (Which Simple Flying has a review for!). As some of these planes could potentially make the route from Boston, they might also be stopping to exchange passengers and crew and until now there has not been a business case for a direct flight.

Step in Hawaiian

However, this is all changing with Hawaiian stepping up to the plate to fly direct from Boston, the largest US market that does not have a direct route to the island state. 

Hawaiian A321Neo
Photo: Hawaiian

“We see Boston as a terrific opportunity. We’re also encouraged by all the growth in long-haul and international services in Boston in recent years. It gives us the confidence about the market . . . to have the opportunity to grow.” – Hawaiian CEO, Peter Ingram 

They will be deploying an Airbus A330-200 for this route, which has a range of 13,450 km / 7,250 nm, and can easily cover the distance.

The new flight will operate on the following schedule:

  • Boston (BOS) 8:55am Departure → Honolulu (HNL) 2:35pm Arrival
  • Honolulu (HNL) 1:45pm Departure → Boston (BOS) 6:00am (+1) Arrival

Operating five days a week. Outbound towards Hawaii will take 11 hours and 40 minutes, whilst the return only 10 hours and 15 minutes (Got to love those powerful winds over the Pacific when flying east). This is a far cry from the previous times featured on Google Flights, the quickest being 12 hours and 58 minutes.

united routes to hawaii
In 2017, United added several new routes to Hawaii from their mainland hub cities. None of which further than Chicago. Photo: United

What will it be like?

The Airbus A330-200 widebody is rather new for Hawaiian and can seat 278 passengers on board in a three-class configuration. It will feature 18 lie-flat seats in a first/business class (In a 2-2-2 configuration), followed by 68 ‘economy comfort’ seats (Seats with extra legroom like you would find on an exit row, essentially the same found on board Virgin Australia economy X), with the rest of the 192 seats reserved for standard economy, in a 2-4-2 configuration.

The flights are currently on sale, for a very special promotional price of $617 for economy round-trip and $1776 for first/business round-trip.

Hawaiian believes that the prices would go no higher than $800 for a round-trip, as they are catering for holidaymakers, not business travellers:

“We might be able to get a little bit of a premium for flying nonstop,” Ingram said, “but not the same amount of premium you can get when it’s a business market and people are flying on an expense account.”

Of course, the other advantage of this is that Jet Blue is also partnered with Hawaiian, so theoretically one could fly Jet Blue Mint then switch to Hawaiian in Boston to get to Hawaii, which might be the cheapest way from Europe!

Will you be flying on the direct route to Hawaii from Boston? Let us know your thoughts below!