HEINZ Offers Flight Changes For 57 Cent If Your Team Didn’t Make The Super Bowl

We all know the problem. You want to book tickets for the final, however, you’re not sure if your team will make it. It’s a problem which affects everything from the Big Game to the football World Cup. However, thanks to HEINZ (famous for baked beans and ketchup) 300 people needn’t worry.

American Airlines 737 MAX
HEINZ is offering to pay change fees for airline tickets. Photo: Getty Images

The big name in ketchup will come to the rescue for a number of passengers who find their team isn’t going to be in the big game. The program will allow those who now don’t want to travel to Miami a possibility to swap their flights for just 57¢, less than a bottle of ketchup.

How does it work?

Unless you’ve booked a fully flexible ticket, you can end up with hefty fees to change a booking. In fact, it can sometimes be cheaper to book a new flight instead of changing your flight. However, HEINZ has come to the rescue for a limited time.

A number of passengers will have booked flights to Miami in the hopes that their team would be playing for the big game’s trophy. However, unless they support the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs they are, unfortunately, out of luck.

Heinz, Flight Changes, Super Bowl
Passengers will just need to pay 57 cents. Photo: HEINZ

Heinz’s commiseration prize comes in the form of a competition. 300 passengers who no longer wish to fly to Miami will have their flight change fees paid by HEINZ up to $199.43. The only catch is that the passengers will still be liable for 57¢. The amount was chosen as the 57 adorns every HEINZ product representing the company’s historical advertising campaign for 57 types of pickle.

The ketchup maker has set up a special website for the promotion at www.heinz57flightchange.com where all of the rules, terms and conditions can be found. HEINZ commented that it doesn’t want fans to think all hope is lost because their team didn’t quite make it. The competition ties in with the company’s advert to be shown during the game.

What if you now want to book flights to Miami?

If your team has made it to the big game and you do now want to fly to Miami, all hope also isn’t lost. While HEINZ won’t be able to help in this case, airlines are putting on additional flights and boosting capacity between Kansas City, San Francisco, and Miami.

American Airlines 737-800 aircraft
Other airlines are laying on additional flights to Miami. Photo: Getty Images

For example, American Airlines has announced that it will operate an additional seven flights to take passengers to Miami for the big game. While these are being operated by smaller aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A321, the airline is also scheduling the larger Boeing 777 on some flights to Miami, especially for fans.

Will you be trying to change your flights for 57¢? Or do you now want to fly to Miami? Let us know where you stand in the comments!