Helvetic Airways Announces POP-UP Flights – What Are They?

In a changing aviation industry, airlines are having to get innovative with their offering. On July 15th, Helvetic Airways announced that it had come up with a new idea to attract travelers back to its airline.

Helvetic Airways E190
Helvetic Airways introduces POP-UP flights, but what are they? Photo: Helvetic Airways

Helvetic Airways’ POP-UP flights

Something was surprising about Helvetic Airways’ recent press release on July 15th. Earlier this week, the airline announced it would be upgrading its Embraer E2 order to create a fleet that meets traveler demand. While this was game-changing news clearly evidenced by Helvetic’s excitement, there was something altogether more intriguing about the announcement.

Helvetic said that it would also be making POP-UP flights available to select locations. It was clearly enthusiastic about the new move, and customers should be too. According to Helvetic, POP-UP flights are offered on a time-sensitive basis and only operate to select locations. This means that passengers will need to be quick to take advantage of flight deals to some unique European destinations.

What’s more, Helvetic has teamed up with Meersicht, a travel operator specializing in Croatian, Albanian, Montenegrin and Slovenian destinations. This means that the airline can offer lucrative deals to its customers in the form of a flight and hotel package.

Helvetic E190 in flight
Time-sensitive offers to unique destinations make Helvetic’s flights appealing. Photo: Helvetic Airways

Where will Helvetic be flying?

So far, Helvetic has announced four European destinations, which will be part of the POP-UP scheme. The first of the flights will take place at the end of this month. Between July 24th and 26th, Helvetic will operate a POP-UP flight to Tivat in Montenegro with the option to stay at the five-star Chedi Lustica Bay hotel. Flights cost around US$250 for a return, and a special price for the hotel can be found at the Meersicht website.

Flights between Zurich and Tivat will last just two days before Helvetic moves on to its next destination. The airline will then offer passengers a similar discount and hotel package booking for flights to Brač, an island in Croatia, between July 27th and 30th.

In August, the airline also plans to fly to Dubrovnik in Croatia as well as Vilnius in Lithuania.

Passenegrs disembark Helvetic aircraft
The first POP-UP flight will be to Tivat next week. Photo: Helvetic Airways

What’s the motive behind Helvetic’s strategy?

With limited time offers to exciting destinations outside of its regular schedule, Helvetic is appealing to those customers looking for a quick once-in-a-lifetime getaway with a friendly price tag. To make the most of these deals, customers need to book their tickets fast before others do. It’s a smart strategy, but the airline is also not compromising on its service.

Cabin crew, drinks service - now postponed
Helvetic will maintain safety by altering its in-flight offering. Photo: Helvetic Airways

The CEO of Helvetic Airways explained in a recent press release that,

“Instead of a traditional network with the same frequency of flights, we’re being flexible and innovative with our operations…If travel restrictions mean that a route has to be changed, we can be very flexible in how we go about it. In other words, there is no risk for our passengers.”

What’s more, the airline will still uphold strict hygiene measures. Helvetic Airways advises customers to wear masks if it would make them feel more comfortable and has limited its food and drink service.

Do you think Helvetic’s POP-UP flights are a lucrative opportunity? Share your thoughts in the comments.