Hi Fly Flies Aid From Shanghai To Lisbon On An Airbus A340

A Hi Fly aircraft has touched down in Lisbon with vital medical equipment supplied from China. The flight left Shanghai on the morning of 27th March and arrived in Lisbon by the evening on the same day. This is just one of Hi Fly’s efforts to support those who have been affected by the coronavirus.

Hi Fly A340
Hi Fly has used an A340 to deliver medical supplies to Lisbon. Photo: RAF-YYC via Wikimedia Commons

Opportunities created from difficult situations

Despite the scale of the coronavirus pandemic, it appears that many airlines are now working with governments and medical organizations to support frontline health workers and vulnerable people. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a ramp-up in repatriation flights, deliveries of face masks and other supplies and even donations of surplus catering food.

Hi Fly is the latest airline to be part of a gargantuan international effort to combat the outbreak. Last night on 27th March, a Hi Fly A340 aircraft arrived in Lisbon with a delivery of urgent medical supplies.

The aircraft left Lisbon, Portugal on 26th March and arrived in Shanghai, China to collect 35 tonnes of medical supplies and personal protective equipment. The latter has been recognized to be in short supply by numerous health workers in various countries. The following day, the aircraft completed the 11,300km route, which took over 13 and a half hours, to deliver the goods back to Hi Fly’s home country.

Will Hi Fly do more to help?

A340 Hi Fly
Hi Fly wants to continue offering help. Photo: Bidgee via Wikimedia Commons

This donation represents just one of the great efforts going on around the world by airlines that have been caught out by the fast-spreading pandemic. Onboard the aircraft from Shanghai to Lisbon was the Vice President of Hi Fly who was quick to shower praise on the airline’s employees. In a statement, Commander Carlos Mirpuri said:

“I had the privilege to once again see how exceptional our crews are. They helped in every way they could to expedite the aircraft turnaround. I am immensely proud and deeply thankful…What a team!” 

But not only was the delivery a great success but it also showed immense generosity from Hi Fly. The airline did not receive any form of profit from the venture. What’s more, it also donated €100,000 to help support the mission. Such a generous act does not go unnoticed. Will Hi Fly be inclined to be generous again in the future?

Speaking as the Founder and President of the Mirpuri Foundation, Paulo Mirpuri who is also the CEO of Hi Fly said:

“As the leading wet lease airline operating worldwide, we will continue to play a role where we see that we are able to help.”

We could expect more donations from Hi Fly and its Mirpuri Foundation in the not too distant future.

A joint effort across the globe

Airbus A321 Wizz Air
Many other airlines have joined in the effort to provide supplies, including Wizz Air. Photo: tjdarmstadt via Wikimedia Commons

Aside from Hi Fly, many other airlines are rising to the challenge and making sacrifices to help provide essential medical equipment and aid where it’s needed.

Private carrier Jazeera Airways has donated 14 of its aircraft to the state of Kuwait. It hopes they will be used for delivering medical supplies and repatriating citizens. Wizz Air has also donated 11 tonnes of medical supplies from China to Hungary. And Aer Lingus flew five A330s to China to collect supplies.

In many ways, we are currently witnessing the best of humanity in the midst of an invisible enemy. We can only hope those selfless efforts to help others continue.

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