How To Fly British Airways’ New Club Suite Business Class

Everybody is eagerly awaiting British Airways’ brand new Airbus A350 aircraft. The highlight of these will be a brand new business class cabin making its debut.

British Airways Club World
The new Club World suite will debut on the A350. Photo: British Airways

British Airways is expecting four of its Airbus A350-1000 aircraft to be delivered this year. Coincidentally, Virgin Atlantic is also expecting four Airbus A350-1000 aircraft this year. In fact, Virgin’s aircraft will also be equipped with a new business class cabin. This was announced exactly three weeks after the British Airways business suite announcement. Simple Flying takes a look at the British Airways A350, and how you can experience it.

The new suite

British Airways is introducing a brand new suite to its Club World cabin. While Virgin has gone for a social experience, the BA suite can become fully enclosed. Additionally, while the suite is debuting on the A350, it will be rolled out across the British Airways fleet by 2023.

British Airways Club World
The new suite has the capability to become fully enclosed. Photo: British Airways

The new British Airways suite will have a width of 21-inches. At the touch of a button, this seat will convert into a 79-inch lie-flat bed. With five storage compartments, you won’t run out of space. Additionally, the 18.5 IFE works from gate to gate. Each seat has direct aisle access.

BA’s A350s

British Airways is expecting four A350-1000 deliveries this year. The first delivery is due to take place in July, with the aircraft currently missing its engines and paint job. It has been spotted under tow moving across the airfield at Toulouse.

How can I fly in the Club World suite?

As previously mentioned, the new Club world suite will debut on the Airbus A350. Indeed, British Airways is expecting its first Airbus A350 delivery in July. Referring to exact delivery dates, Airbus previously told Simple Flying “it is to our customer‘s privilege to announce further info on this topic”.

British Airways Club World
BA’s first A350 should be delivered in July. Photo: British Airways

Initially, the A350 will operate shorter routes in order that crew can become familiarised with the aircraft. This will be between London to Madrid initially, however, British Airways is yet to announce which dates this will occur. Following the familiarisation, the aircraft will begin flying long-haul to Toronto. These flights will commence on October 1st. The aircraft will occasionally be seen on the London to Dubai route too.

Seats on the inaugural long-haul flight are on sale. In fact, business class suites are still available starting at £6,349 one way.

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