How To Fly To China Amid Coronavirus Flight Suspensions

Currently, flying to China is one of the most difficult things to do, due to the coronavirus flight suspensions across the globe. So, how can you do it, if you need to? We’ll tell you.

China Southern
China airlines are the best option to get into China. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying

Which airlines are still operating flights to China?

Not surprisingly, the first airlines that pop out during a flight search are Chinese. Skyscanner says that, for a flight between 24 and 31 March departing from Mexico City, one would have to go first to Vancouver. Once in the Canadian city, one can take flight CA992 of Air China to Beijing.

Another option is getting into Tokyo and flying with All Nippon Airways into Beijing on flight NH961. Eva Air is also an option. One can take a flight from Houston to Taipei, and then connecting into Mainland China.

But that’s from Mexico. If one wants to get to China from London, the best and cheapest option available is through Schiphol, via China Southern. Once again, Chinese airlines are your ticket to the country.

Ethiopia is another way of entry into China. The national carrier never stopped flying into the Asian country.

At this point, maybe the biggest problem is not getting into China, but actually being able to get out of it. A growing number of countries are currently banning people from entering into their territories if they’ve been in China. The same applies to other countries such as South Korea, Italy, and even Spain.

Ethiopian Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines is another possibility. Photo: Thomas Boon / Simple Flying

What airlines still have suspended their flights to China?

A total of 23 airlines have suspended all its flights to mainland China, according to Reuters. Plus, there are some more that have suspended or reduced some flights into the country. The 23 that are no longer flying into China are:

American Airlines, through April 24; Air France, through March 29; Air India through June 30; Air Seoul until further notice; Air Tanzania postpone its maiden flights; Air Mauritius until further notice; Austrian Airlines until April 24.

British Airways until March 31; Delta Air Lines until April 30; Egyptair until further notice; El Al Israel Airlines until March 25 (although, Israel also imposed mandatory quarantine to every person coming from abroad).

Iberia extended its suspension until the end of April; Jeju Air until further notice; Kenya Airways until further notice; KLM through March 28; LOT until March 28; Oman and Saudia until further notice; Qatar Airways until further notice; Rwandair until further notice; Scoot until further notice; United Airlines until April 23; Vietjet until April 30.

Bloomberg also posted a list of airlines halting flights worldwide, available here.

Delta Aircraft
Many airlines worldwide are keeping China out of their schedules. Photo: Delta Air Lines

What to keep in mind if traveling to China?

As of March 10, the number of new people infected from coronavirus in China is slowing. Still, many of the airlines are keeping their schedules to the country canceled.

Also, each country has its own restrictions. For example, Japan published this week certain rules to follow.

Foreigners that have been in the Hubei and Zhejiang provinces in the last two weeks are unable to enter Japan. Chinese nationals with passports issued in these same provinces are also banned.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also issued a negative travel advisory for the province of Hubei and for Northern-Italy.

Meanwhile, other countries that regularly connect with China, such as the US, have shut borders entirely. Basically, each country has its own set of rules for people who want to visit or return from China. In a nutshell: it is a mess.

What do you think? What’s the best way to get into China right now? Let us know in the comments.