How To Get From Beijing Daxing Airport To Beijing – An Ultimate Guide

After much anticipation, Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) launched its first flights last month. This opening meant that many of the Chinese capital’s key flights have moved away from Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK). Therefore, passengers will be looking for the best way to get to the area’s new hub to avoid missing their flights.

Daxing Airport
Daxing Airport is now the world’s largest airport. Photo: 王之桐 via Wikimedia Commons

Isolated but connected

The site is over 60km away from Beijing’s city center, meaning that it could be a taxing journey, especially with a number of passengers traveling there. According to a Daxing Airport guide, there are four recommended methods to get to the world’s largest airport.

Those with a lot of luggage, or those traveling with their family, may wish to get a taxi. Naturally, this is the most expensive option, costing an estimated fare of $30.50. Ignoring the cost, this is actually a very time-consuming way to travel, with a journey duration of between 60 and 80 minutes. Those preferring to travel by car may prefer to use PEK if there is a suitable flight option. A trip to this airport only takes around 40 minutes from the city.

Daxing Airport
Daxing Airport is not stationed so close to the center of Beijing. Photo: Google


On the other hand, the subway costs nearly 10 times less and only takes 20 minutes to travel between the airport and the city. The total price for using this new metro system is $4.80.

This service launched on September 26, connecting from Caoqiao Station to the airport’s north terminal. Caoqiao is accessible by train line 10. The Subway opens at 06:00 and closes at 22:30, although adjustments to the schedule are made depending on the night’s last flight arrival time.

The price of a ticket on the Beijing–Xiong’an intercity railway from Beijing West Railway Station is also reasonable, costing only $4.20 each way. This train service doesn’t take so long to travel on either, pushing only half an hour.

T31 leaving Beijing Railway Station
Train travel is one of the most feasible ways to travel to and from Daxing Airport. Photo: N509FZ via Wikimedia Commons

Bus options

The least-quickest way to travel between Beijing and its new aviation hub is by bus. This method of transport costs $5.50 but takes a whopping 1.5 hours to complete.

According to China Highlights, the airport services six shuttle bus lines, including one nighttime service. These lines are as follows:

1: Beijing Daxing International Airport to Beijing Railway Station

2: Beijing Daxing International Airport to Beijing West Railway Station

3: Beijing Daxing International Airport to Beijing South Railway Station

4: Beijing Daxing International Airport to Tongzhou

5: Beijing Daxing International Airport to Fangshan

6 (nighttime line): Beijing Daxing International Airport to Xuanwumen

By 2021, Daxing will handle 45 million passengers per year. This will further increase to 75 million by 2025. With the high amount of passengers traveling between the city and the airport, careful planning must be done to ensure that there are no hold-ups.

Always make sure to leave early enough to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the flight’s departure time.

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