IAG Cargo Has Shipped Over 1 Million COVID-19 Vacccines

Around the world, countries are steadily vaccinating their populations against COVID-19. Globally, airlines are helping in the distribution of these vaccine doses. Europe’s IAG Cargo has carried over one million vaccines worldwide. The shipments have been traveling through the group’s constant climate hubs in Dublin, London Heathrow, and Madrid.

IAG Cargo, COVID-19 Vaccine, one million doses
The International Airlines Group has so far delivered one million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Photo: IAG Cargo

The COVID-19 vaccine is widely seen as the answer to ongoing lockdowns and travel restrictions around the world. It is in the interest of airlines that the vaccines are distributed to patients as quickly as possible. Carriers are helping with the rollout in many ways.

Over one million vaccines shipped

Today IAG Cargo revealed that it has already shipped one million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide. The company is the cargo division of the International Airlines Group. IAG Cargo doesn’t have any aircraft of its own. The group uses the aircraft of IAG member airlines, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, LEVEL, and Vueling.

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Using its partners’ aircraft, the IAG Cargo can connect over 350 destinations through its significant hubs in Dublin, London Heathrow, and Madrid. With regular flights between the three, not much is out of reach.

IAG Cargo, COVID-19 Vaccine, one million doses
The vaccines are being shipped through IAG Cargo’s temperature-controlled facilities in Dublin, London, and Madrid. Photo: IAG Cargo

IAG Cargo has been flying the COVID-19 vaccine from its dedicated climate-controlled cargo facilities primarily to North America and Europe. Notable shipments have seen 80,000 doses distributed to the Canary Islands from Madrid and Ireland’s first shipment of the Moderna vaccine.

Commenting on the vaccine milestone, John Cheetham, CCO of IAG Cargo, said,

“Transporting Covid-19 vaccines represent the latest effort in our ongoing work to support the fight against COVID-19. Since the start of the pandemic in March, over three quarters of our 1000 charters in 2020 were used to transport thousands of tonnes of crucial medical supplies, PPE and ventilators. We remain committed to continuing to offer our expertise to help support the fight against Covid-19 during 2021.”

Other ways the airline industry is helping out

Transporting the COVID-19 vaccine rollout isn’t the only way aviation is helping in the fight against its worst crisis. Across the UK, airline employees are continuing to volunteer in the community in the fight against COVID-19.

Virgin Atlantic, easyJet, COVID-19 Vaccine
easyJet yesterday revealed that its crew would be fast-tracked to administer the vaccine. Photo: easyJet

Yesterday Simple Flying revealed that both Virgin Atlantic and easyJet are encouraging their grounded staff to volunteer in the effort to vaccinate Britain. Cabin crew will be using their medical training to help give vaccines, while Virgin employees are also helping with areas such as logistics.

British Airways has also been getting involved throughout the crisis, with 1,500 of its employees volunteering to help out at organizations across the community. Additionally, amenity kits were distributed to staff at the NHS.

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