IATA Set To Combat Greta Thunberg’s Flight Shaming Movement

The aviation industry is set to launch a campaign to combat the growing flight shaming movement led by Greta Thunberg. The campaign comes as weakened demand has been reported in Europe.

Flight Shaming, IATA, Aviation Emissions
Climate activist Greta Thunberg has helped flight shaming to increase in popularity. Photo: Holger Detje from Pixabay (Aircraft) | Anders Hellberg via Wikimedia (Greta)

The flight shaming movement is growing in momentum across Europe. The movement sees passengers shunning flights for other methods of transport such as trains and cars. The aviation industry is responsible for just 2.5% of global CO2 emissions. However, despite giving off fewer emissions than other industries, and trying to make a positive difference, the aviation industry has become the face of emissions across the globe.

Why is aviation suffering?

The aviation industry has become one of the faces of global emissions. As previously mentioned, aviation contributes to 2.5 percent of global CO2 emissions. This compares to around 10% from the global fashion industry according to the United Nations.


Part of the issue is surely the visibility of carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft. When flying, it is rather obvious that the aircraft’s engines are generating emissions. However, heading back to the fashion analogy, when picking up a new pair of trousers, you don’t necessarily think about how they were created.

Flight Shaming, IATA, Aviation Emissions
Aviation has become one of the faces of global emissions. Photo: US Government

This has, in part, led to the creation of the flight shaming movement. In a bid to disassociate themselves with the emissions of the aviation industry, passengers are opting to take other methods of transport. The flight shaming movement is being spearheaded by schoolgirl Greta Thunberg who launched the Fridays for Future Initiative. She recently took a sailboat to travel to America to highlight the flight shaming movement.

The effects of flight shaming have largely been felt in Europe to date, particularly in Scandinavian countries and central Western Europe. Demand has fallen in these areas, according to Reuters, however, it is impossible to place a definitive figure on the amount.


What is the industry doing in response

The aviation industry is taking a very proactive response to deal with its environmental emissions as a whole. Examples of action already taken include scrapping single-use plastics from onboard, and mandatory carbon offsetting schemes.

Flight Shaming, IATA, Aviation Emissions
Airlines are taking a proactive approach to their environmental commitments. Photo via Pixabay

Additionally, according to Reuters, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is planning a campaign to help mitigate the effects of the flight shaming movement. IATA’s chief, Alexandre de Juniac, told Reuters: “We will launch a very, very big campaign … to explain what we have done, what we are doing, and what we intend to do in the future”.

The campaign will additionally tackle “misleading information” which has been disseminated to the general public. While details of the project appear to still be under wraps, the campaign will be available to airlines and airports.

Do you think a campaign will help tackle flight shaming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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Thiago Dourado

I personally agree with actions to fight the global warmimg, but I don’t think that a kid that don’t know anything about economy and geopolotics is a good person to pay attention at. Global warmimg needs a serious conversation with people that actually understand how the world works and what it needs to get better and for me this kid is not one of them.


Well, it doesn’t appear as if Gretha Thunberg’s critics in this thread posses a sophisticated understanding of science, nor a comprehensive understanding of the world in which we live.


Let’s turn the tables: Maybe the critics here have a very sophisticated understanding of the underlying problems, but they’re not prepared to symbolically pick on just one industry. Why don’t we instead pick on the yacht manufacturing industry, and see how Gretta reacts to that? She’ll get into a right sulk if she can’t sail around the world at her leisure 😉


Already covered in a response to @Norman down-thread: Quote: “The leading French sailing magazine Voiles et Voiliers has recently asked the heads of Multiplast boatyard and CDK Technologies about the environmental impact when building an IMOCA 60. To build this type of race boat, 3 tons of carbon fibre, moulds for hull and deck, a number of construction materials and various resins (baked at 120° during the construction process) are needed. Both boatyards are well aware of the resulting and indisputable environmental impact during boat construction and therefore attach great importance on a sustainable building process: Moulds are built with… Read more »


Want to check the history of this boat? How many flights have all the crew for all these years taken?


Do you know an nothing of this racing yachts history? Probably ought to check that out first.

Dave Urquhart

Comparing sailing to flying? Flying increases an individual’s carbon footprint massively. Sailing? There doesn’t seem to be a very sophisticated understanding of the underlying problem (we’re in a climate emergency) here.


I said the yacht MANUFACTURING industry…not sailing. Manufacturing also produces emissions…didn’t you know that?
It seems that your reading skills aren’t “very sophisticated” 😉


Apparently, you’re not abreast of recent developments in sustainable manufacturing. For example, it appears that carbon fibre — that are used in the yachting industry and on the 787/A350 ( > 50% by structural weight) — and cement can be produced as carbon sinks — i.e. being able to absorb more carbon than they release as CO2. Quote A: “Chemists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed a process that, according to initial calculations, provides an economic way of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere — and creates valuable new materials at the same time. Opening an option… Read more »

Dietrich Blendermann

Guys, you are totally missing the point. Greta is by no means a specialist in any specific field but she has started a movement that hopefully gets the politicians off their arses to implement measures that inhibit emissions as far as possible instead of continually just debating about the problems and doing far too little! It’s all about the fricking money, lobbies everywhere… and the future for our kids? They ( the people in power) don’t seem to give a hoot. I salute a movement that brings about change, necessary change!!! So stop tearing Greta apart and do something yourselves

Boel Jasler

Ah so we should now all sail to the US for business meetings, cool


Next will be the introduction of”swimming”.


Break it down to emissions per person per mile and you might begin to understand. That yacht has a massive carbon footprint befor it even hits the water. For the trip there is the generator to power the electronics and appliances to feed the people on board and the Diesel engine that moves the vessel when the wind isn’t favorable and around port. An aircraft may have substantially higher emissions but it is moving several hundred people over the same distance so if you divide the emissions by the number of people on both forms of transportation your going to… Read more »


@Tim – have you done the numbers? Oh, and by the way, that airplane has a massive carbon footprint before it even hits the runway.


There’s no emergency. If there were Gore and Babs wouldn’t have shoreline homes.


Karl, when a little twit who should be in school learning about life starts telling the entire world about ALL she knows , we are in trouble. She and her parents simple luv the publicity and their ( less than 15 minutes of fame ) riding it until they soon fade away as yet another stupid flash in the pan with the tired old ” lets rally against the big corps” theme NOT realizing how many people’s jobs are at stake OR what progress has been made in an area she has sooo limted views of….my fondest wish is Greta… Read more »


Hmm, a grown adult who needs to yell at a child and tell her that a retarded chimp looks smarter than her, is in serious need of help.


Paul Leonard

While this is an aviation based discussion, if we broaden the parameters to look at all the industries involved in moving people and goods around the world, international shipping accounts for far more GHG (CO2) emissions than aircraft. And while the aviation industry continues its efforts to develop more efficient aircraft, including hybrid and all-electric propulsion systems, the International Maritime Organization is just recently looking at this problem. There are no real alternatives on the drawing boards for the large bulk carriers and oil tankers that move 90% of the goods in world trade, and may account for up to… Read more »


which science are you believing? be careful the ocean is rising – oops Gore lied.


Good Lord Karl. You are attributing higher level analysis to a 16 yes old who had no background other than what she’s been told. She will guide you through the Quagmire of our global catastrophy. They copied the damn speech, she hada sailboat crew jetting around to catch up with the boat. That boat was the least carbon efficient billboard as it was a racing craft that had a last minute solar panel installed for the GPS. Take the hook out of your mouth, get the sand washed out by your Gyn and grow up.


Let’s just all go back to the stone age. That apparently is what those who have no understanding that humans can no more control climate than stop a volcano. It’s been so since the earth was formed. Climate changes on Mars – without people. It’s a scam by those who want world government to control all.


Absolutely delighted to hear this 🙂
Gretta is (viciously) negative about EVERYTHING…it’s almost as if she’s an anarchist!
It’s time that there was an organized response from the aviation industry, to combat a lot of the one-sided, over-simplified assertions being made by Gretta and her cronies.

Sam Rittler

Yeah, How DARE they advocate for progress to keep our planet from going into a mass extinction?!


You think just stopping aviation is going to cure the climate problem?


They aren’t.


Gym, sand washed out. Check.


Yes, it’s been fascinating to what how the bullying of a 17 year old teenager — typically by conservative-leaning, middle-aged men — has taken on a grim, almost hysterical edge.


That should read:

Yes, it’s been fascinating to WATCH how the bullying of a 17 year old teenager — typically by conservative-leaning, middle-aged men — has taken on a grim, almost hysterical edge.


I think vicious Gretta is perfectly able to defend herself…she doesn’t need a left-leaning idealist father figure to do it for her 😉


You’re right, the fact she’s perfectly capable of defending herself seems to be driving conservative trolls absolutely bonkers. https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2019/9/26/20882958/greta-thunberg-climate-change-trump-attacks-right-wing – As for defining left-leaning vs. right-leaning: first, one should note that the GOP leans much farther right than most traditional conservative parties in Western Europe and Canada, which means, for example, that the Tory Party in the UK is essentially a party of the left when you compare it to the GOP; and second, that there is an ideological dimension to the GOP’s effort to actively working against the curbing of man-made (anthropogenic) greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the conservative… Read more »


Bully? How? Has she been spat on or attacked? Refused service? Oh wait that only happens if you wear a red hat.


Oh stop. twitter is full of idiots and angry people. I am talking about actual bullying. You know like the left has been doing for years.


Yes, actual bullying include cyberbullying — is that so hard to grasp?



I know what cyber-bullying is. She shouldn’t be on Twitter anyways. Additionally if you are going to lecture the world then you better be prepared for backlash. Free speech is a wonderful thing and it works both ways.


No, you don’t seem to know what cyberbullying is when you managed to say “actual bullying”, or are you now retracting that statement?

Ms. Thunberg has been hounded in the wider ecology of rightwing thinking: Social Media, blogosphere, Faux News (etc.).


She is a anarchist. She wears Antifa shirts. Her parents are Antifa supporters. Sick people brainwashed a mentally ill child.


To the editors:

It’s interesting to note that a couple of comments of mine are still being held for moderation, while you allow this vile garbage from “TheDude” to be published.


Everything I said is 100% factual.


Greta Thunberg has suffered from the typical stigmatizing comments from those who disagree with her because of her Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis. This is the kind of ignorance most people have left behind in the last century. Instead of focusing and replying to her message about the threats of climate change, you’re choosing to focus on the messenger, Thunberg herself — like calling her “a mentally ill child”. It shows a stunning amount of discrimination, stigma, simple lack of respect, and an inability to argue from the facts when someone brings in another person’s mental health status if that status has… Read more »


You need help. I am saying her parents took advantage of her illness to brainwash her.


You got that one right: an absolute nutter 😉



Which in itself is a pretty vile accussation. Is that something you’ve heard over at Faux News?

Now, you do seem to be forgetting that you said she was a “mentally sick child”. Of course, it must be hard to keep track of vile postings with a toxic online behaviour.


She’s a child that has had entirely too much attention shown to her. She is the product of her handlers and parents who are living vicariously through her parroting there drivel.


She wears Antifa shirts? Antifa means anti fascist. So you mean that you are pro fascist? I would say that is exactly what you mean as you are obviously a Trump supporter.

Gerry Stumpe

Aren’t you supposed to be on Fox today?



What’s sick is that 16 people, apparently, seems to have up-voted your vile garbage comment.


This is absolutely hilarious!
Karl Marx accuses others of cyberbullying…and yet he’s the very one to label others as “sick” (because they have an opinion that he doesn’t subscribe to), and qualify comments of others as “vile garbage”.
Well, then, that means that we’re perfectly entitled to call vicious Gretta “sick”, and label her twisted flight shaming philosophy as “vile garbage”.
Thanks for leading the way by example 😉


@Peter It may appear as if you have serious reading comprehension problems. As I said up-thread, instead of focusing and replying to Ms. Thunberg’s message, “The Dude” chose to focus on Ms. Thunberg herself by calling her “a mentally ill child”. What is sick is that you, apparently, and a few others obviously approve of bringing in another person’s mental health status when that status has nothing to do with the topic at hand. When you start firing barbs at the character of a person, or personal history, then you’re guilty of an ad hominem attack. You’re playing the man/woman,… Read more »


And, as I said down-thread, nobody is reading much of what you’re drawling on about 🙂
Talk about “the pot calling the kettle black”: you’ve been putting yourself and vicious Gretta in a victim role since your first comment. A typical left-wing trait 😉
Please continue to amuse us 🙂


Typically, a person is full of bluster and self-importance, but basically unsound, when he believes he speaks for everyone.

Now, being left of the extremely right-wing American Grand Old Party (GOP), is not “left-wing”. Is that so hard to comprehend?

Jaime lopez

Wonder who’s her handler. 🙄


There’s an excellent YouTube video on that by a Swede in English and goes in to great detail about the politics behind it.


Greta is a tool, a prostitute of the climate industry liars.


Agreed Peter. I don’t read any reports of her organising armies to go fight the burning coal deposits, the burning tyre dumps, the burning forests etc. Wonder if she factored into her trip the emissions cost of building the sailboat?


I’m delighted you raised that final point. People like Gretta don’t seem to realize that manufacturing industries produce far more emissions than air travel, particularly when you also factor in the processes required to extract and transport raw materials.


Yer but Norman you can see her point can’t you? When you look at the photo showing that aircraft taking off, with all that exhaust touched up and highlighted with a paint brush. Need I say more?


Do you have any idea of how old that pic is? The fact that the USAF reengined their old and reliable aircraft so they do not spew black exhaust like they used to is not normally known to most people. Check out these B-52 pics, from decidedly different years.
comment image
comment image

While the bottom one taken this past May still has some black exhaust, it is nowhere near what the upper bird is producing, and this is at takeoff.

In flight at normal cruise, the exhaust is barely visible. The same goes for KC-135s.


@Norman Calling out environmental hypocrisy is nothing but a cynical move to taint everyone, dampen any hope of change, poison every ambition. In fact, this “modus operandi” has been particularly corrosive to environmentalism, where the compromises that activists necessarily make take up more discursive energy than the issues itself. This undermining of the aspirations for building a greener more sustainable society needs to be named for what it is and should be resisted. The answer is not to strive for greater individual perfection, but to return to that first materialist analysis: who benefits from inaction on carbon emissions? Whose status… Read more »

Fernando B Menendez

I was in France twice , last year , and I rather take the train ( TGV ) than fly, is cheaper fast and reliable , no searches ,or did you pack your bags ? .all this takes time .yes I agree with her .


7% of the electrical energy going through the TGV’s overhead cables is dissipated as a result of transmission loss. Worldwide, this dissipated energy amounts to 1.2 trillion tons CO2 equivalent. How did you compensate for this horrendous environmental damage that you contributed to? Also, the cement industry produces 8% of worldwide CO2 emissions. How are you going to compensate for your part in the vast amounts of concrete used to construct the TGV lines, which are laid on a continuous bed of solid concrete thousands of kilometers long? And what about the steel used in the rails and overhead cable… Read more »


Greta prefers trains yet the CO2 Emissions are about equal to Planes


At least get your facts straight if you want to be taken seriously. The link below (UIC report),”Carbon Footprint of Rail infrastructure” analyses the main existing reports and methodologies in the field and provides guidelines, recommendations and best practices for the calculation of the carbon content of all phases of rail services including infrastructure construction. Quote: “When including the infrastructure — carbon footprint on top of the CO2 emissions during operation of the train, the rail sector remains largely competitive compared with other motorized modes (Figure ES1, page 4), on typical high speed corridors where trains compete with cars and… Read more »


But remember planes connect families that live across continents how do expect them to travel aka south America and Europe?


Gretta wants you to somehow secure a luxurious yacht (they grow on trees in Sweden), and you can sail to meet your family!
She’s a very practical girl, you know!


According to the IPCC, 60% of aircraft emissions are from overseas flights, presumably because they are longer in nature. Airline emissions are actually 3.5% rather than 2.5%.

Damian Ousley

By trying to borrow a free yacht from some member of the elite liberal leftist community, shows that Greta and her chums they are out of touch badly with the common individual. In Australia, Greta would be accused of being a bludger, in the United States a bum, in the UK a tight arse. The amount of petroleum product that goes into carbon fiber and fiberglass resin materials is quite intense . Even wooden boats require blue glue or petroleum derived pitch to water proof the joints and timbers. It’s all now a farcical public publicity sideshow involving anything to… Read more »

In-Frequent Flyer

Taking a train across Europe is easier due to the smaller distances between major cities. Doing that in the US or anywhere else is almost impossible. That’s why flying is cheaper and more practical. Plus, jet engines don’t produce much emissions now like they did decades ago,and this is even less so when they’re in flight. Even a car produces less CO2 when your flying down a highway.


Cleaner motor vehicles and a cheap and easily recyclable technology to replace the use of plastic is far more important

Chi Hou Tang

Nonsense. If flying is a shame, how about train and cars? Does train run by itself? No, It needs electricity or diesel.


I see nothing wrong with trying to mimimize pollution and reduce emissions, here in the UK we are encouraged to walk, in the u.s they are encouraged to drive or fly.


Yes, there’s nothing wrong with trying to minimize emissions and pollution. But trying to use the airline industry as a sacrificial goat isn’t going to solve anything.

John T.

UK is just a fraction of USA, and most of the cities aren’t that far to take a train or drive. For example, if you wanted to travel from London to let’s say Inverness, I’d would take you about 8h using trains, in America to go from one side of the country to another, it would take in order of days to travel across without flying and it would mostly not even be by a train.


You’re not seriously comparing distances in the UK to distances in the US? Tell you what, why don’t you walk from NY to LA.

Smitty Smithsonite

Nobody “encourages” us to do anything in the USA. We do what we see fit as the most logical way to get from point A to point B. Spend 19 hours on a train … or fly for 3? Pretty simple decision there.

Jason Dykstra

Finally, someone began speaking sense in this world of madness. I find it ironic that the flight shaming movement thinks that people should drive more than they fly as driving is the least safe and most polluting form of transport.


@Peter It would appear that the over-simplified assertions originate with those people who pretend they know a whole lot — but don’t actually seem to know all that much — and who ignore the fact that the aviation industry is not only a culpable contributor to climate change, but that the industry is set to be even more culpable, going forward. By 2020, global aviation emissions are projected to be around 70 percent higher than in 2005 and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) forecasts that by 2050 they could grow by a further 300-700 percent. The increased warming effect… Read more »


Karl, I presume your surname is “Marx” 😉
The aviation industry is going to grow…but the rail and automotive industries are going to remain static…is that it?


To devolve into childish name-calling usually doesn’t win the argument. 😉 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name_calling . As for electrified railways and CO2 emissions; it’s already been covered in my comment up-thread. Link: https://uic.org/IMG/pdf/carbon_footprint_of_railway_infrastructure.pdf – As for the automotive industries and other manufacturing industries; they have to be decarbonised. https://hydrogeneurope.eu/decarbonise-industry – Air traffic has doubled every 15 years since the 1970s, and is expected to double again within the next 15 years. That’s not sustainable. Now, if for example a significant number of large businesses that rely on air travel clubbed together, their collective demand for carbon-neutral travel could catalyse the ramping up of… Read more »


You’re the one who initiated the “name-calling” when you referred to “conservative-leaning, middle-aged men”…forgotten that, had you?

You do realize, I hope, that nobody actually reads your posts? Because they degenerate into endless, structureless rambling after the first sentence. We look at the first few lines and think: “there goes the cut/paste padding again”.

Try a succinct summary for a change 😉

To counter your rambling: just as the auto industry “has to be decarbonised”, so too can the aviation industry. You fumble on about 30-year projections, but we may all be flying on cryogenic hydrogen in 20 years…who knows?


@Peter Name calling and ad hominem attacks seems to be your specialty (i.e. Karl “Marx”, “vicious Gretta” etc.). It’s a matter of fact that Ms. Thunberg has been viciously attacked by conservative-leaning, middle-aged men. https://www.mediamatters.org/dinesh-dsouza/right-wing-media-launch-unhinged-attacks-greta-thunberg – What is hilarious, though, is how you have revealed yourself as a very thin-skinned individual. Hmm, here’s another individual with a famously thin-skin — which makes me wonder if you’re both victims of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Quote: “”I thought that the prime minister’s statement that it was absurd, that it was an absurd idea was nasty,” he said. “I thought it was an inappropriate… Read more »


A lot of Airlines hve already made commitments to becoming carbon neutral by using biofuels within the next decade (AFAIK about 2030). They’ve already started investment, it just takes a lot of time. But I do absolutely agree with you, there should be taxes on aviation fuel to pressure airlines. But I still believe that flight shaming is somewhat unreasonable when considering the fact that many businesses and even the governments rely on air travel to build international relations. The focus should be, as u hve mentioned, on synthetic fuels and (I believe) on the herding of livestock, as cows… Read more »


Absolutely agree that a campaign educating people about this issue is essential.

David Gaitt

God help us. Haven’t we had too much waffle on this subject without adding to it. If you cannot work it out for yourself now then find a quiet place too research it on your own. You might also find a copy of this weeks “earth sky” on line which shows scientists state the hole in the ozone layer is much smaller than previous and is closing quicker than previous years. Greta is bound to include this into her absurd Waffle but that ŵould not fit her script or her scriptwriters.

Susana Cárdenas

IT’s important to have the real information and to know what the industries are doning to improv emisiones.
Movements should have this information and not disinform population.
Susana Cárdenas
Quito Ecuador


Manufacturers have been improving fuel economies of aircraft for many years now and they are much better with each version. For me to travel across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver is a five hour flight. If I could take a train, the trip would be 4-5 days. doesn’t quite work out. Hmmm.


A plane may be the only way to go across Canada since your government wants to eliminate the train service.


Hi John, you’re missing out on the (obvious) Gretta solution, which is to:
– Magically acquire a yacht;
– Navigate through Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence river to the Atlantic;
– Sail down the Atlantic coast of Canada to Panama;
– Traverse the Panama Canal;
– Sail up the Pacific coast of Canada to Vancouver.
I assume — just like Gretta — that you don’t actually have a job, so you should have plenty of time for this endeavor. Keep us posted on your progress 🙂

Nick J Sydney

I live in Sydney and much of my work is spread between Sydney, US and Europe. It would be more than a little impractical to travel in any way other than by air. Climate change is there I believe but Greta and her ilk are hitting the wrong people. Yes I’m a frequent flyer but not for pleasure. What about the multitude of low cost airlines in Europe which target the infrequent and leisure traveller based on price? How about pricing them off LCC and onto rail (which is plentiful across Europe)?

Hein Vandenbergh

Maybe anarchism is what is required to make the climate change deniers – such as our Oz Govt – see reason and protect my grandchildrens’ right to a healthy life. Then again, in Australia, flying is virtually mandatory because of the huge inter-metropolitan distances, poor roads, and a virtual lack of train services. However, in Europe, things are very different. Why fly KLM Cityhopper from Amsterdam to Eindhoven when a normal, fast but not TGV train gets you there in 50 mins, city centre to city centre. AND, this is the crux, ALL ENERGY used by ALL of the Dutch… Read more »


Vicious Gretta is well able to attack others; just look at the little show that she put on for the UN General Assembly.
If she can’t stand the heat, she should get out of the kitchen 😉


“ALL ENERGY used by ALL of the Dutch railways (NS) is windfarm generated.” This means that on windstill days (of which there are many in Holland), all the trains come to a complete standstill, because there’s no power available from the windfarms… 😉 All the Railway company did was purchase Certificates of Origin (CoOs) for the amount of electricity that it typically uses in a year — just like everyone else who purchases “green electricity”. In practice, CoOs cover all sorts of generation techniques, including biomass combustion (which is certainly NOT emission free…particularly since most of it is shipped long… Read more »

Ian Harlow

There really is NO climate problem, but the Agenda 21-promoting Marxists are relentlessly pushing the lies.


Car transportation is on average 57% higher than air transports. This means that cars emit more CO2 than planes but she’s telling us to stop using planes!? Does she even do research or is she to busy skipping school and sailing across oceans…

Jan andersson

this madness started by a schoolgirl has grown into a landslide must be met with facts, you think are on the right track.


i love flying who cares about that girl


Give Greta a free flight to the COP25 meeting in Spain, with a cast-iron guarantee to offset all emissions and an information pack to help her target the actual worst-emitting industries.


Send Greta back to school where she belongs.

David Gaitt

And countries.

Andres Lindarte

The problem of Global warming is animal farming and the increase of life expectancy, we are just too many people in this world who needs feeding. Stop blaming planes.


Excellent point. Methane (produced by digestion in ruminating animals, fermentation, decomposition of plant material, etc.) is 100 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2. It doesn’t stay as long in the atmosphere as CO2, but it can still hang around for 20 years.

Tip: this is the point where Karl Marx will intervene with a longwinded, convoluted drawl about how you’ve got it wrong, and Gretta has got it right, and how we should all be ashamed of ourselves for existing…


Actually, I stopped eating meat 20 years ago and for the last 10 years I’ve been following a plant based diet. If we all went vegan, the world’s food-related emissions would drop by 70% by 2050 according to a report on food and climate in the journal Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) from 2016. The study’s authors from Oxford University put the economic value of these emissions savings at around £440 billion. A meat-eater’s diet requires 17 times more land, 14 times more water and 10 times more energy than a vegetarian’s, according to research published in 2003… Read more »

Erik Gertkvist

What “flight shaming”?

Just wait a month until the Swedish youths that yesterday celebratet Greta Thunberg demands to spend Christmas in Thailand. Then the whole idea of “flight shaming” will desintegrate.


I heard that when Greta’s yacht arrived in the states, the owner and another crew member flew back to Europe and 2 new crew members were flown out. Generating 2 return flights PLUS the yacht. Anyone know for sure?


Modern long haul jets have, last time I checked, been can move us humans around more efficiently than driving your average vehicle. For quite a few years now, it’s a per passenger km travelled comparison. If you are moving just one or two humans in a car… they’ll use more fuel per km than if they had flown in company of others in a modern passenger plane.


This campaign is very necessary and I think it is important to be extremely direct with the public that they are being misinformed on many matters. The best way to break people with ‘eco-anxiety’ (like I used to have as a 7 year old) is to dispel the lies that were used to exploit their emotions in the first place.


I just flew for the first time since 2013 and willingly for the first time since 2010. For me, the worst past of the experience is being looked at by law enforcement as a violent criminal suspect. Had it not been for winter weather, I would’ve driven across the U.S, yet again. As I have every year since 2013. The U.S. needs to get its security act together. And, treating honest citizens as criminal suspects is not the way to get public support for the U.S. airline industry. Flight Shaming in the U.S. begins with our government. Not a 16-year-old… Read more »


Greta is going to be SO disappointed when she is 37 and stlll alive.

Ken Hardy

Wow, this kid has got me so concerned about the Environment, I think I will burn all the material things I have and go live in the woods and eat berries, even then I may still have a carbon foot print but maybe Al Gore will sell me some credits

J Sharkey

I worked on my first campaign in 1960. A word of advice: Attacking Greta is a losing strategy. Better to be positive. What are you doing to make things better?

Bill M

You can’t fight ignorance. Besides, Canada was covered in ice 15000 yrs ago and it’s now moved 2000+km north. That’s more than 140 m a year – linear. Was that due to climate change or nature going thru it’s motions. There’s not enough data to confirm what’s going on but we still need to take care of our planet no matter what. Making wild guesses shouldn’t be part of that.


Greta is a little whore of the power brokers behind the climate change lies.


flight shaming is ridiculous. realize that the the biggest promoters of the man made global warming hoax, the likes of Al Gore and many other politicians and the elites, fly all the time and on private jets. why would the average person make their life even more inconvenient while the elite continue on with giant carbon footprints. you are free to do it, but you’re being played as a fool. The reason the elite continue their carbon rich lifestyle goes beyond the obvious hypocrisy, many of them know it is a hoax. Most recently Obama’s supposed concern for rising oceans… Read more »


Thank God. Now maybe I’ll have an open center seat on my next flight.

Wayne C Fox

I agree that the airline industry has a lot of work to do to help clean up the environment. In the US, I suspect that they have had an impact on the rail and bus lines. We have not seen the support of bullet type trains that could be an alternate to flying in the heavy travel corridors across the country. Trains and busses are a more comfortable form of travel than the typical cramped seating on aircraft that is affordable for the masses. Also, they offer a better environmental footprint than airlines. But countries like ours where travelers span… Read more »


hahahah, those train seats will get smaller and smaller if they become popular, just like they have in airplanes.

Al Johnson

For the aviation industry I think we need to look at the costing that is already used by the commercial sector, PASSENGER COST PER MILE TRAVELLED. There must be some formula to calculate the emissions of a jet engine derived from the fuel consumption of that aircraft. (I guess to simplify this, a rounding of the average fleet fuel burn to passenger mile could be used). Now if this same criteria is used for Cars, Trains, ship’s etc, this could give a better comparison of what the critical usage is. For the transport of goods one could use a similar… Read more »

Arthur Netteler

One More Time… The Vehicles used in the World today ARE NOT DESTROYING the World. How did so many People get so BRAIN WASHED! The Earth is CLEANER NOW than at ANY TIME since the Middle Ages. And it was NOT Government Regulations that worked. It is the Free Market Trading of Ideas/Inventions & Results to those with a vested interest in Commerce. There are 2 Asian Countries that are ACTUALLY Damaging the Earth, China & India!

Donald Weston

The thrust of Ms Thunberg’s approach is the do-nothing verbosity of politicians who are anxiously guarding their own longevity with politically-correct phraseology. Action is what she seeks. While the Aviation Industry can do lots to clean up its own act, I see arguing with the fashion industry as a pointless irrelevant distraction and they need to proactively address wastage. Regrettably this costs $money$, as it implies a forced migration from inefficient T-category aircraft to modern, fuel efficient, and mileage-efficient planes (“pollution” per seat.mile)


What will stop flight shaming is the industry switching to renewable propulsion methods quickly. I am not an engineer, but I’ve heard hydrogen has the greatest potential. A bill currently in Congress, H.R. 763, would correct the economic incentives and needless subsidies for fossil fuels, so that whatever technology has the lowest emissions wins. That way politicians don’t have to choose: just make emissions expensive and the market will have us make the transition. The Solutions Project analyzed all renewable energy sources globally and determined we can do this, with existing technology. When airplanes don’t emit is when shaming will… Read more »


Yeah, how did hydrogen work out for the Hindenburg?

Arthur Netteler

I am a Retired Pilot. Even if that were possible do you realize the AMOUNT of Equipment, Cost, Time that will be needed to install this “Green Fuel” into more than 127,000 Airports World Wide, and Transportation Infrastructure needed?.. Come on People think!


Ignore her and her handlers (parents?). They’ll be done with her soon enough. She’ll join the heap of other used-up kiddies.

Cameron Laing

Would be interest to see how Greta Thunberg justifies the one way flights required to take the crew of her ‘sailing boat’ back across the Atlantic? I would have thought even a schoolgirl would realise her 1 return flight would be better than the 4 one way flights for the crew and lets not get started on the environmental damage in the manufacture of the plastic monohull that took her to New York…


Why should she justify anything? These crew members are all adults capable of taking their own decisions and defending them themselves. The boat was not built specifically for her, she just hitched a ride. Should she not associate with billionaires trying to green-wash their expensive hobbies? Now that’s where I’d probably start agreeing with you!


Yes, let’s take a bicycle from NY to LA for that face-ti-face meeting required. The puppeteers behind this 16 yo are do-nothings that expect everyone else to become do nothings. Lets carry goods from coast to coast by coolie in order to “save the world”. These idiots are a blight on humanity.

Yehuda Mond

There is no flight shaming. That’s baloney. The amount of people who will not fly as a result of this crazy teenager is maybe 100 – worldwide. Non-issue.
Now, when will the ultra-rich elites stop flying with their private airplanes? Hah. That’s a good one.


Not that it would make any difference to the “shamers”, that KC-135 shown in the article is not a current picture.
The engines have long since been upgraded to more efficient, lower smoke generating engines. Of course showing two pics, one then, one now wouldn’t help their agenda!


Another group attacking easy, deep pockets in hope of a big pay day. Shame on Greta!


Nobody likes this kid. She never even smiles.

Jeremy Watson

Why ‘tackle’ it? It has taken a ‘kid’ to make us adults wake up to the bloody obvious. The response needs to be how we reduce those emissions, not how to undermine Greta’s calling us out. Maybe we should be investing in efficient rail and shipping. A responsible aviation industry would see this as a challenge to move on to greater things rather than suppressing the criticism.

Whyn Carnie

Been waiting since UN started this warming climate coal will kill us scam in mid1980s. Hope I live to see some measurable signs the dire predictions are realised. Where I live nothing has changed Except the greens are now linking our bushfires to climate as well.

Arthur Netteler

That little “SPOILED BRAT”, is going to cost the People of the World BILLIONS of DOLLARS. The “People” are going to have to stand up to these NUT CASE Liberals, if we do not they will ruin Nations Economies and MILLIONS of Jobs will be LOST.


Greta will need that raincoat, taking a small craft across the Atlantic as opposed to flying Business Class on BA or SAS. Ultimately, what is better for the environment: her joining 350 other people on a single widebody for the seven or eight hour journey, or taking a small vessel with a couple dozen people and spending 3 weeks (eating, drinking, and defecating) on the ocean. Keeping in mind that the majority of garbage in the oceans actually comes from shipping. Even small vessels litter, even inadvertently. Plastic straws from a ballgame in Milwaukee won’t end up in the sea,… Read more »