Icelandair’s Incredible Boeing 757 Private Jet World Tour

Icelandair has teamed up with National Geographic to provide an exclusive worldwide jet tour. Passengers will fly on a modified Icelandair Boeing 757, fitted with 75 fold-back leather seats, accompanied by a number of experts in fields ranging from photography to conservation.

The Icelandair Boeing 757 in National Geographic Livery
An Icelandair Boeing 757 has been specially adapted for the trip. Photo: National Geographic

National Geographic is offering the trip of a lifetime – a tour of some of the world’s greatest natural, historical and cultural wonders on a private jet. According to National Geographic, passengers will be whisked around the world on a specially-modified Boeing 757 provided by Icelandair.

At each of the stops on the worldwide tour, which includes 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites, passengers will stay in some of the finest accommodations each destination has to offer. Alongside tours, excursions and entertainment, the lucky travelers will be able to attend lectures from a series of experts and researchers accompanying them on the trip.

Around the world by private jet

National Geographic’s ‘Around the World by Private Jet’ tour offers passengers an incredibly exclusive experience. But as expected, it’s not cheap. The price for a double occupancy booking comes in at $89,945 per person, whilst the price for single occupancy is even higher, at $98,940.

It’s a lot of money, but not that much when you consider the fact that it includes 11 legs, accommodation, meals, entertainment and talks with world-renowned scientists.

So far National Geographic has six ‘Around the World by Private Jet’ tours planned. The first of them begins on 28 December, running through to 20 January 2020. From Washington, D.C., the tour travels south towards Peru and Easter Island, before heading across the Pacific to Samoa.

The National Geographic Boeing 757
Tickets for the ‘Around the World by Private Jet’ tour aren’t cheap. Photo: National Geographic

From there, passengers will travel to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Cambodia, China and the holy city of Lhasa in Tibet. Then it’s on the Taj Mahal followed by either the Serengeti Plain or Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.

For the final stretch of the journey, the tour stops at the ancient city of Petra in Jordan before heading to either Marrakech or the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The private jet itself

While National Geographic may be an industry leader in broadcasting and travel and conservation journalism, it doesn’t have much experience when it comes to operating aircraft. That’s why it has teamed up with Icelandair. The flag carrier of Iceland has provided a Boeing 757 for National Geographic’s ‘Around the World by Private Jet’ tour.

The aircraft, registered TF-FIS, has been specially modified with its own National Geographic livery and 75 leather reclining seats for the passengers.

The National Geographic Boeing 757
The first tour will begin on 28 December. Photo: National Geographic

This means there will be much more room than you would find on a standard Boeing 757, which usually has 233 seats, really giving passengers the authentic private jet experience.

Simple Flying has reached out to Icelandair with a request for comment on its role in the ‘Around the World by Private Jet’ tours, and whether this includes providing pilots and crew. Unfortunately, Icelandair has not yet been available to respond to Simple Flying’s request, but we will update the article as soon as we receive more information.