Icelandair Pilot Shares The Love With Heart Shaped Flight Path

An Icelandair pilot was yesterday keen to share the love, drawing a heart in the sky over Iceland’s capital city. The Boeing 767 flight had earlier departed from Shanghai filled with medical supplies.

Icelandair, Boeing 767, Heart Flight Path
Yesterday an Icelandair pilot drew a heart in the skies above Reykjavik. Photo: Getty Images

The current situation has led to several passenger aircraft being used for cargo flights. However, a strange side effect is that it has also led to an increase in the number of exciting flight paths we’ve seen. Apart from arrival and departure procedures, aircraft typically fly from A to B as directly as possible. However, this wasn’t the case on yesterday’s flight.

Icelandair aid flight

Icelandair has been operating flights to Shanghai to bring medical aid to the island nation amid the current global situation. Yesterday, one of the airline’s four Boeing 767 aircraft returned from Shanghai. Earlier this month, Simple Flying reported on Icelandair’s first medical aid flight.

Yesterday’s flight departed from Shanghai at 13:34. The aircraft initially climbed to a height of 34,000 feet, before dropping down to 30,000 feet, then climbing back up to 38,000 feet. The aircraft flew up through China, Mongolia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway, before starting its descent over Iceland at 17:45.

Icelandair, Boeing 767, Heart Flight Path
The flight was carrying medical aid from Shanghai to Iceland. Photo:

Around 25 minutes later, the aircraft stopped its descent at 2,500 feet to the southeast of Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik. The aircraft then flew over the city at 2,500 feet in the shape of a heart. This process took 12 minutes from 18:13 to 18:25.

Following the heart flight, the pilots proceeded towards Keflavik Airport, home of Icelandair, where they landed at 18:36. Including the heart flight path over Reykjavik, the flight took a total of 13-hours and 2-minutes according to flight data service

Not the only interesting flight path

Icelandair’s heart is not the only interesting flight path to have been accomplished as a result of the current situation. On Thursday, a small Piper Cherokee was doing touch and goes at Frankfurt, usually one of Europe’s busiest airports.

Meanwhile, on April the 12th, a small private aircraft’s pilot decided to trace the Swiss border with his flight path:

On the same day, two other pilots decided to draw easter bunnies in the skies above Germany:

If you’re still looking for exciting flight paths after Switzerland and the Easter bunnies, we have one more to share with you. In mid-March, an Austrian pilot used their small aircraft to draw the word’s ‘Stay Home’ in the sky.

Stay Home Flight path
An Austrian pilot drew a clear plea in his flight path last month. Photo:

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