Improvised Explosive Devices Found At London Heathrow Airport & London City Airport

Breaking news from London today as counter-terror police were called to London Heathrow Airport and London City airport after two packages were found that contained explosives. A third package was found at London’s Waterloo Station.

The Metropolitan Police described the explosives as having been in an A4 size postal bag. The devices were, according to their statement “small improvised explosive devices”


Thankfully, the devices did not detonate in their respective locations and no injuries were reported.

The first device was found near Heathrow, but not within the Heathrow complexes. It was discovered by staff who opened the package causing a small detonation. No injuries were reported, but the building where the device was found was evacuated by the Metropolitan Police. No flights or operations at Heathrow were affected by this incident.

Soon thereafter, a device was found at Waterloo Station. Thirty minutes after being called to Waterloo, police were alerted of a similar suspicious package at London City Airport. The package was not found at the main terminal. The Metropolitan Police had the building evacuated for safety as officers conducted an examination.

Improvised Explosive Devices Found At London Heathrow Airport & London City Airport
One device was found at the Civil Aviation House near London’s City Airport Photo: London City Airport

No one was injured at London City Airport and flights continue operating as normal. Due to the similarities between these incidents, however, the Metropolitan Police advised London transport hubs to be wary of suspicious packages that could be linked.

This incident comes as aviation has seen a few disruptions due to threats and geopolitical incidents. India and Pakistan have been at odds with each other which led to Pakistan’s airspace being shut down. As a result of increased threats, India has directed airports and airlines to increase their own security. Recently, a man attempted to hijack a plane in Bangladesh.

London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports recently had some incidents in regards to drone sightings.

While airports and aircraft do remain a frequent target for violence or terror activity, flying is a very safe method of transportation. In this case, all procedures were followed as normal and no injuries were sustained. Metropolitan Police responded quickly at the scene and there were no flight disruptions at either London City or London Heathrow.

Airport security is also an intensive process. London’s airports maintain a high standard of security. No DHS warnings have been released for either London Heathrow or City airports.

Improvised Explosive Devices Found At London Heathrow Airport & London City Airport
London Heathrow, Britain’s Largest Airport, remained unaffected and passenger safety was not compromised due to these incidents. Photo: London Heathrow Airport

While transportation hubs were targeted, the Metropolitan Police has not firmly declared this to be an act of terror directed against air travelers.

You can be sure that we will update you here at Simple Flying regarding the safety of air travel.

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