Incredible: American Airlines Now Flies 700x Daily From Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina, is an important city for American Airlines. Recently, American has continued to grow out of the airport. Now, the carrier has reached a milestone of 700 daily scheduled departures from Charlotte International Airport.

American Charlotte
American Airlines now flies over 700 daily flights out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Photo: Getty Images

American acquires more gates in Charlotte

This latest expansion on American’s part is a result of the carrier leasing four new gates at Concourse A of Charlotte. These new gates helped the airline add additional flights per day that took its daily departures to 700.

With the addition of these four new gates, American now uses 93 gates of the 114 available at the airport. Alongside this, American Airlines has also invested in the airport space with new break areas for American employees and amenities.


American’s presence in Charlotte

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is American’s second-largest hub. The largest hub title goes to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

American Airlines Dallas
American’s largest hub is in Dallas. Photo: Getty Images

Nevertheless, the carrier serves 149 destinations from Charlotte. Brian Znotins, American’s Vice President of Network Planning, had the following to say on this new milestone:

With the addition of these new gates, we were able to add frequencies on popular routes and we now operate nearly 80 flights per day to Florida, 30 flights per day to the New York metro area and 25 flights per day to D.C. metro area


In terms of flights per day, American Airlines confirmed to Simple Flying that roughly 54% of flights in Charlotte are regional destinations served through American Eagle partnerships while roughly 45% are mainline American flights. In terms of daily departures, this equates to about 380 daily departures on American Eagle with another 320 on mainline flights.

Community investment

At the same time, Charlotte’s largest airline also invests in the community. American employees have previously worked to collect school supplies and backpacks for students in need as well as providing back to school physicals. In addition, other projects include refreshing grounds and murals at a domestic violence shelter, donating bicycles to families affected by domestic violence, running resume workshops for members of the community, and mentoring elementary students on their reading skills.

American Eagle First
About 54% of American’s operations are conducted as regional flights on American Eagle. Photo: American Airlines

What this means for passengers

Due to Charlotte’s status as a hub, a large number of American passengers find themselves connecting through Charlotte en route to their final destination. This includes destinations across the United States, Europe, and to the Caribbean.

More flights equate to more options for passengers. Whether it’s more variety in departure times or more variety in aircraft type, American is working to offer more flexibility for passengers to book connections through its large hubs.

New American gate Charlotte
American leased four new gates at Charlotte. Photo: American Airlines

American’s history at CLT

American inherited this hub as part of a merger with US Airways. However, after the merger, Charlotte remained an important hub. The airport remains a focus center for growth. While American has not announced major transatlantic expansion– saving that for its other hub in Philadelphia– Charlotte is also well connected to Europe. Destinations include Frankfurt, London-Heathrow, Madrid, and Munich among others.


American has reached a new milestone with 700 daily flights out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The airport is an especially important hub for domestic connections. American will likely continue to grow– especially as the airline takes delivery of new aircraft and is better able to expand.

What do you make of American’s presence in Charlotte? Do you like flying American through Charlotte? Let us know in the comments!


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Sam Mays

I’m a Charlotte area resident and fly CLT several times a month for personal and business purposes. American’s virtual monopoly on the airport emboldens them to price accordingly. High prices for one of the worst customer experiences in air travel today. This article is more bad news for Charlotte area residents.

Rajesh Khanna

Does it have direct flight to New Delhi

Nicky Nickleson

Starting to get like Atlanta

John Hess

Pure c**p airline.. you didn’t mention that with virtual monopoly in Charlotte American Airlines prices reflect that fact to the tune of second most expensive airport to fly out of in US only behind Reagan Intl. I pray for more completion to usurp AA’s practice of “unfairs” as I call them.


I fly out of Charlotte airport about every 90 days . It’s convenient for me to get to , the TSA lines are tolerable and the concourses are not bad. I have never had any problems with American Airlines. I hope that they continue to expand . Charlotte is a great airport !

Charlie Alexander

When is E Concourse expansion going to begin? The city aviation department said it was supposed to began at the end of January and take 2 years!

daniel craft

the clt airport has great connectivity but other than that its a terrible airport. its grown to big too fast. concourse b and c are too narrow with nowhere to sit. concourse e goes on forever. concourse has gotten so long planes cant get in and out without more delays. congestion all over with planes trying to get to runways and terminal. the bar is set so low for American airports that clt gets decent ranking.


Seems strange and inefficient that such a large hub is in a city with less than a million people, though the metro is just over 2.5 million. Would make more sense to place a hub in a larger city and an area with more tourism.

J.ason M

Aa serv s every city in pennsylvania but SCE

Mike Kell

I agree with the comments below: American is high price for low quality service. US Air has ruined American.