IndiGo’s Fleet Booms To 250 Aircraft

IndiGo Airlines has entered the new decade by breaking a national record. The airline now owns the largest fleet in India with over 250 aircraft after it acquired four new planes on 31st December 2019.

A320 IndiGo aircraft
IndiGo now has over 250 aircraft. Photo: Getty

Sizeable growth

As 2020 starts, IndiGo Airlines is set to continue its exponential growth and admirable success. The low-cost Indian airline has had a spate of successful ventures in recent months. Not only has it managed to secure a codeshare agreement with Qatar Airways but the air carrier also boasts an impressive route network of its own too.

IndiGo offers a multitude of destinations in India as well as popular international routes to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. As of now, it is offering around 1,500 domestic flights per day.

But IndiGo is not prepared to stop there. Now the airline has collected an even more impressive title. It has over 250 aircraft in its fleet after it took delivery of four aircraft on 31st December 2019, making IndiGo’s fleet the largest in India. At the tail end of last month, the airline received three Airbus A321neos and one A320neo. These aircraft add to the 257 strong fleet that IndiGo now operates.

Indigo A320neo in the air
IndiGo ends 2019 on a high with over 250 aircraft in its fleet but what will they be used for? Photo: BriYYZ via Wikimedia Commons

What will the aircraft be used for?

But what will IndiGo use these aircraft for? The airline has not formally released a statement about the new aircraft deliveries or this new achievement. However, it’s likely that the budget airline will continue to develop its route network. Whilst it offers a selection of holiday destinations around the globe, it has yet to invest in destinations in any of the Americas or Oceania. Could these new aircraft allow the airline to expand even further and increase profitability?

That wouldn’t really be too much to ask of the carrier. In a recent press release about its new codeshare with Qatar Airways, the CEO of IndiGo seemed to have high hopes for the future of the airline. Mr. Ronojoy Dutta said:

“These are exciting times for the aviation industry and it is our commitment to remain focused in building one of the best air transportation system in the world.”

It appears that IndiGo hopes to increase its successes even further by becoming an indomitable force in the aviation industry.

IndiGo A320 with Emirates on tarmac
IndiGo is building a successful framework and new destinations could be on the cards. Photo: via Wikimedia Commons

A strong future for IndiGo

And a strong future really is what is in store for IndiGo. Whilst its current fleet size has reached the peak of the Indian aviation industry, the airline is unstoppable. Just three months ago in October 2019, the airline ordered 300 aircraft from Airbus to add to its fleet. Over the next few years, the airline will be growing considerably with a host of A320neo family aircraft. That growth could come in the form of adding extensions on its existing routes as well as offering new destinations and new partnerships. This certainly looks like a very promising time for the Indian LCC.

IndiGo is pulling out all the stops to increase its name as well as its reach. What do you think IndiGo’s next big move will be? Where do you see the new A320neo orders going? Let us know in the comments below!