Ink Business Cash vs Ink Business Unlimited – What Card Should You Get? 0

As a small business owner, you probably want to invest in the smartest card for you and your spending and points and miles goals. So, if you’re considering the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card or the Ink Business Unlimited℠, which way should you go? We’ve broken down all you need to know about both cards, so you can make a smart choice, resulting in the most points and miles for your business.

What can you expect from both cards?

These cards have a few things in common that shouldn’t really affect your decision. In fact, they have a lot in common, so this choice might be a lot easier than you expected.

For example, both cards have pretty nice cash-back welcome bonuses for small spending requirements in the first three months: $500 on $3,000 of spending in the first three months. It’s definitely not a difficult task for the average small business owner.

Likewise, neither card comes with an annual fee, which is an added perk.

However, if you’re looking for a credit card that’s good for spending while traveling abroad, you’ll be disappointed to know that both cards come with foreign transaction fees, at 3 percent.

Additionally, both cards offer free additional cards for your employees, so you can use their spending to rack up even more points.

Now, on to the differences between the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card and the Ink Business Unlimited℠.

Spending Bonuses


The Ink Business Unlimited℠ offers 1.5 percent back on each and every purchase.

The Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card offers 2 percent back on restaurant and gas, 5 percent back on office supplies and internet and phone services and 1 percent back on everything else. (Keep in mind that now the this card is the only Chase business card available that offers 5 percent back on office supplies, as the Ink Plus and Ink Bold are no longer open to new applicants).

So, taking this into consideration, you’ll want to look at how you actually spend your money.

Do you spend tons on office supplies each year? Then the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card might be better for you. If you spend barely anything on office supplies, though, and your major spending comes in categories like travel or shipping, the Ink Business Unlimited℠ might be more suitable for your needs.

Ink Cash card

Keep in mind, however, that spending bonuses do come with limits…well, at least in the case of the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card. It limits its cash-back earnings in the 5 percent and 2 percent categories to $25,000 each year. After you reach $25,000 in spending in these two categories, you just earn 1 percent back on everything. Conversely, the Ink Business Unlimited℠ is just that — unlimited. There’s no limit, you’ll earn 1.5 percent cash back forever.


Both cards earn Ultimate Rewards points, which you can redeem as cash back or for travel and other items. If you redeem your points with either card for cash back, you’ll receive that cash back at a rate of 1 cent per point.

With both cards, if you pair it with a Chase Sapphire card, you can earn more when you redeem your Ultimate Rewards points for travel (up to 1.5 cents per point with the Chase Sapphire Reserve).


As far as benefits go, both cards stack up equally. Both of them come with worldwide primary rental car insurance. You can waive the coverage offered at the rental desk and go with what the card offers.

You also get purchase protection, coverage for damage and theft, for 120 days after a purchase, up to $10,000 per claim, $50,000 per calendar year. Warranties on purchases are extended one additional year, if the warranty is three or fewer years.

Both cards cover lost luggage, up to $3,000 per person, with a $500 limit per person for high-cost items like jewelry and technology.

Travel accident insurance included covers $500,000 per insured person.

The Bottom Line

So, what’s the bottom line here in the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card vs. Ink Business Unlimited℠ debate? It all really comes down to how you spend your money.

You can earn more points through the Ink Business Unlimited℠ if you spend a lot on travel and little on restaurants, gas and office supplies. You can earn more points through the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card if you spend a lot on office supplies, internet service, cable, phone, gas and restaurants, but little on everything else.

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