In Photos: Inside A Sukhoi Business Jet

The Sukhoi Business Jet (SBJ) was turning heads at the MAKS-2021 airshow. This plane is Russia’s luxurious answer to private civilian aircraft. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to have a look inside a fresh build of the type in Moscow last week.

The SBJ is a business adaptation of the Sukhoi Superjet 100. Photo: Rostec

The entry zone

We shared details of our tour of the Irkut MC-21 yesterday, which is another modern Russian narrowbody. Even though the MC-21 is something new on the scene, I’m very familiar with the interiors of commercial aircraft. However, a tour of the SBJ was a rare chance for me to have a first-hand peek inside a private jet.

The SBJ’s direct competitors are the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ), Global 7500, G650, Falcon 8X, and Lineage 1000. This aircraft, however, comes at a fraction of the cost. In its basic configuration, the price is $39 million. In comparison, the BBJ and ACJ can cost up to over $90 million.

Even millionaires have to take care of their money and make informed decisions with their spending. So, with such savings to be made, there are plenty of prospects for the SBJ. Nonetheless, how does it hold up inside?

SBJ Stairs
It was exciting to have a chance to enter this unique aircraft. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Stairs
I already felt like a VIP just walking up this short flight of stairs. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Galley
The “entry zone” has the basic storage and galley areas of a plane, but with an added classy finish. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Entrance Full
This isn’t your standard flight attendant’s seat! Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying

VIP zone

Sukhoi states that the SBJ has more space than any business jet in its class. This factor provides passengers with great luxury and comfort. Coming with increased noise isolation, IFEC/CMS, onboard cooking equipment, a master’s apartment, and comfortable seating as a standard, the company is backing up its claims of high standards.

SBJ Wide
The Sukhoi Business Jet can be configured in several different setups, but the maximum capacity on the version we saw at the MAKS-2021 airshow is 16 passengers. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Dining
A full restaurant experience can be had onboard this plane with its spacious and relaxed ambiance. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Cabin
Flight updates and entertainment can be viewed over a glass of the finest wine at the dining table. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
The basic configuration of the SBJ comes with three separate WCs to minimize disturbance to fellow travelers. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying

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Lounge and conference

The SBJ has been fitted with Italian interior design, and the lights and blinds can be adapted remotely via a mobile device. The overall cabin has a length of 803.28 in / 20.42 m, a width of 127.40 in / 3.24 m, and a height of 83.46 in / 2.12 m.

SBJ Seating
The middle section of the aircraft can be used as a lounge or conference area. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Window
President Vladimir Putin is a fan of Sukhoi’s aircraft across the board and was also on the scene at MAKS-2021. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Theme
Along with the several formation settings, there are numerous options for the finish of the interior. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Lights
The color of the lighting can be changed with a click of a button. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
Extras include a shower, auxiliary fuel tank, SATCOM, WiFi, IPTV, and airstairs. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Prep
Staff onboard are fully equipped to serve the passengers well. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying

Master’s apartment

The master bedroom and bathroom can be found at the back of the plane. VIPs have enough amenities here to have to never leave the plane while on their journey.

SBJ Bedroom
The lighting, furniture, and setting in the bedroom will undoubtedly provide a relaxed environment before sleep. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
The bed was just inviting someone to jump in and watch a movie on the iPad. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Shower
It felt like being in a posh hotel bathroom. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Faucet
Plenty of electrical outputs can be found throughout the jet. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying

The performance

The basic SBJ has a range of 2,543 NM / 4,710 km. However, the optional additional fuel tanks bump up the figures to up to 3,888 NM / 7,200 km with eight passengers on board.

The aircraft also offers a high-speed cruise of 465 kts / 860 km/h and a take-off distance of 6,365 ft / 1,940 m.

SBJ Cockpit
There is even an added level of comfort in the cockpit! Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying
SBJ Exit
The PowerJet SaM146 engines offer a thrust of 17,800 lbf / 79.2 kN. Photo: Sumit Singh | Simple Flying

Sukhoi shares that this twinjet has been designed to be “the most advanced executive business aircraft in service today.” The firm adds that the plane provides state-of-the-art airframe and engine technology. This factor ensures that passengers are given high levels of luxury while traveling with lower costs than rivaling builds.

Altogether, after touring inside the SBJ, I could feel the comfort that Sukhoi talks about. I haven’t had the privilege of flying in a rival private jet before. However, at a price tag of around half of some of the major players in the field, those in the market for such an aircraft may find themselves with a great deal with this offering.

Rostec, the conglomerate behind Russia’s aircraft has really diversified its modern commercial offerings in recent years. The company is a powerhouse when it comes to defense productions. Now, in the civil scene, it has the Irkut MC-21, Sukhoi Superjet 100, and  Ilyushin Il-114-300 in its arsenal. The Sukhoi Business Jet undoubtedly bolsters the product range even further as the program enters large-scale operation next year, allowing the firm to have a foothold in the private jet market.

What are your overall thoughts about the Sukhoi Business Jet? What do you make of its offerings compared to its competitors across the globe? Let us know what you think of the aircraft and its prospects in the comment section.