Inside Aegean’s Brand New A320neo

Yesterday we revealed the new livery for Aegean Airlines, as seen on one of its brand new A320neo aircraft. Today, we want to take a deeper dive into what we can expect from these new aircraft on the inside, and how the new livery came about.

Aegean A320neo
What’s inside Aegean’s new A320neo? Photo: PriestmanGoode

What’s inside the neo?

The Aegean A320neo has both business and economy on board. However, there are no lie flat seats on this European workhorse; instead, premium passengers can expect a little more legroom, a blocked middle seat and an improved food service on board.

Aegean A320neo business class
Business class seating on the A320neo. Photo: PriestmanGoode

The seat fabrics in both business and economy feature a stitch pattern, chosen by designers PreistmanGoode to represent the symmetry of Greek architecture and the “duality between the sky and the Aegean Sea”.

Aegean A320neo economy class
Headrests in economy echo the new logo. Photo: PriestmanGoode

The headrests carry through the twin gull logo from the exterior of the aircraft as a stitch detail, while the carpets and décor foils further feature Greek landscape inspired abstract patterns.

Aegean A320neo business class
Colors and patterns are inspired by Greek landscapes and architecture. Photo: PriestmanGoode

In business class, the rebrand extends to both cushions and amenity kits, where the twin gull inspired logo can be seen again. Meals services have also been redesigned, to fit better with the brand identity of Aegean going forward.

Aegean A320neo economy class
Meals for both economy and business have been redesigned. Photo: PriestmanGoode

And Aegean seems delighted with the result. Marina Valvi, marketing director at the airline, praised the work of the designers, saying,


”Working with PriestmanGoode has been an incredibly fruitful partnership. They worked closely with us throughout the process, to understand our needs and to create a new brand identity that was respectful of our much-loved existing identity and reflected our vision for the future. We’re thrilled with the end result and are looking forward to rolling this out across all our products and services.”

Get a closer look at the cabins and designs in the video below:

What’s behind the redesign?

The new livery and branding was developed by UK based agency PriestmanGoode. The London based design studio worked with the Greek airline to develop a complete new look and vision for the carrier going forward. As well as the new livery an interiors, PreistmanGoode worked to revamp everything from the airline’s digital resources to amenity kits and even the meal service.

Aegean airlines A320neo
The rebrand is carried through all elements of the airline. Photo: Aegean Airlines

Director at Priestman Goode Luke Hawes commented on the partnership with Aegean, saying,

“AEGEAN have shown great ambition with this project, which has been one of our quickest turnarounds. Working over approximately 12 months, we’ve worked together on a complete overhaul of AEGEAN, tying in with the airline’s new fleet of A320neo aircraft, and delivered an elegant, contemporary brand that encapsulates the airline’s values.”

In terms of the design itself, PriestmanGoode says that it wanted to give a nod to the former logo of Aegean, which was a gull, hence the ‘wing’ shapes on the tail of the aircraft. The agency modernized this logo, and developed an image which not only reflects the much-loved gull emblem but also the topography of the Greek landscape.

Aegean A320neo
The twin gull design can be seen throughout the plane. Photo: PriestmanGoode

The wordmark of Aegean’s name, the agency says, “combines clean and sharp angles with rounded details that add softness of form, reminiscent of classical Greek architecture.” The core color palette of the branding uses Aegean Blue, Silver Blue and White, reminiscent of the silver-blues of the Greek sky and the brighter blue of the Aegean Sea.

Aegean A320neo
Even the wingtips have had a makeover. Photo: PriestmanGoode

Anthony Morgan, Head of Brand, spoke to Simple Flying about the inspiration behind Aegean’s branding. He told us,

“The inspiration for the new brand identity and cabin interiors was based around classical Greek architecture, the Greek landscape and AEGEAN’s own brand values: harmony, balance, simplicity, symmetry, ethos and Greek spirit. The most prevalent idea is that of symmetry, which you see reflected in the logo and livery, and some of the key patterns we have created for use onboard the cabin, like in the seat stitch detailing or the brand panels at the front and back of the cabin. This symmetry reflects the balance between the Aegean Sea and the Greek skies.

“Meanwhile, the colours we’ve used reflect the blue of the sea and the white of the Greek islands. The patterns are all designed around pure forms and angular lines, reflecting classical architecture, and the play of light and shadows that are prevalent in the environment as a result.”

You can see more of the design inspiration in PreistmanGoode’s video below.

What do you think of Aegean’s new livery and branding? Do the cabins look good to you? Let us know in the comments.


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Cianan Kelly

I love this new livery. It is just so Greek! As I said yesterday, I prefer it the more I look.
The cabin is really nice too, I’d like to fly on the new A320neo soon. I’m eyeing up some islands like Naxos that I could connect to through Athens.


Congrats Aegean! , this is a very clean fresh look, of which enhances the Aegean brand! Much better than the current round of re-brands. Take note LH, UA ! Will fly to Crete later in the year , so looking forward to the new A320neo. Plus a model from Inflight 200 will look good for my collection!

Jason K.

Aircraft brand and looks aside Aegean is one of the best if not THE best outfit in European skies today.
The service levels of almost everyone else have been dumped down but not theirs.


I think this new livery is an improvement over Aegan’s old one, but it’s still a pretty standard Eurowhite and doesn’t look that different from that of Lufthansa / Aer Lingus / Iberia. Also, the new logo looks a lot like Malaysia Airlines’.


Really stunning. Would love to see the long-haul cabin. Any news about that?

Kenneth Barton

That particular color blue is known in Greece as ‘Loulaki’. It’s on the Greek flag and of course doors, shutters and church domes across the Aegean, so it is a very fitting color for this airline. I think the new livery is great – though I wish the tail logo didn’t remind me quite so much of an angel fish…


With many EU flights up to nearly 4 hours long, i am extremely disappointed with Aegean choice not to improve the business class seat. Its so tacky and ghetto. Especially when turkish provides flat seats between ist and str at only about 2 hours.

Plane Mad

No other European airline provides flat seats for intra-Europe flights. TK is subsidized by the state in various way.
Their situation is akin to Qatar or Etihad rather than the EU majors so they can afford to offer lie flat seats on single isle aircraft flying 2-3 hour sectors.


I can’t say I really like the redesign of the logo. They’ve gone from obviously identifiable seagulls to a pair of curly brackets. The interior decor looks quite nice and the overall livery is fine if somewhat unoriginal. It’s just the treatment of the seagulls that is a bit of a letdown.


Amazing, well done