Inside Aeroflot’s Brand New Airbus A350-900

Earlier today, Russian flag carrier Aeroflot took delivery of its very first Airbus A350-900. Now, following the ceremony, Simple Flying has been granted access inside the aircraft to explore the previously unseen cabin.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cabin
Aeroflot has revealed the interior of its new Airbus A350 delivered to the airline today. Photo: Sumit Rehal – Simple Flying

In December last year, we reported what the Airbus A350’s cabin could look like. However, it wasn’t possible to verify the authenticity of the renderings seen. But it looks as though we were spot on as Simple Flying has now seen inside the Aeroflot Airbus A350 at the aircraft’s delivery ceremony in Toulouse, France. Later today the aircraft will depart for its new home in Moscow.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cockpit
If you ask me, the best view is from the seats right at the front of the aircraft. Photo: Sumit Rehal – Simple Flying

Business at the front

As is typical in aircraft, the business class cabin is found at the front of the aircraft. This features 28 business class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. Aeroflot has opted for a suite seat called Horizon, which is manufactured by Collins Aerospace, in business class. This sees each passenger able to close a door for added privacy.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cabin
The business class seats are forward-facing despite the three-point harness. Photo: Sumit Rehal – Simple Flying

All of the seats are forward-facing, meaning they are staggered. This means that one row will have seats by the window, then the row behind will have the table shown by the window.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cabin
This image shows a seat with the side table next to the window. Photo: Sumit Rehal – Simple Flying

In its premium Airbus A350 cabin, Aeroflot has opted to include electrically operated window blinds. This means that a sunshade moves up and down at the touch of a button. In between the business class and economy cabins, Aeroflot has installed a small communal kitchen area.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Interior
Aeroflot has opted to install a small kitchen area in between business and premium economy. Photo: Sumit Rehal – Simple Flying

Premium economy

The next cabin sees Aeroflot’s premium economy product. This will offer 24 seats across three rows. The airline has opted for a 2-4-2 premium economy product. For comparison, British Airways has the same layout in economy on the upper deck of the Airbus A380.

Aeroloft, Airbus A350, Cabin
The rows in Aeroflot’s premium economy cabin appear to be slightly staggered. Photo: Sumit Rehal – Simple Flying

Economy cabin

Last but not least is the Airbus A350’s economy cabin. This will see 264 passengers seated toward the rear of the aircraft. Aeroflot has opted for a 3-3-3 configuration in the economy cabin. This means that there will only be one additional seat per row from the premium economy cabin.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cabin
Last but not least on the Aeroflot Airbus A350 is the economy cabin. Photo: Sumit Rehal – Simple Flying

In total, the aircraft seats 316 passengers across its three cabins. These passengers will initially be bound for St Petersburg as the aircraft is due to enter service with the Russian airline in just a week’s time next Friday.

Be sure to check back later for a detailed review of what we thought of trying out the cabin!

Are you planning to fly on the new Aeroflot Airbus A350? What are your initial thoughts on the cabin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!