Inside Aeroméxico’s New Boeing 737 MAX 9 Fleet

On Wednesday, Aeromexico displayed one of its newest Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft. The Mexican carrier showed the public the new airplane model, which is currently operating on several domestic routes. Simple Flying got an inside look at the incredible plane.

Aeromexico 737 MAX 9
We toured inside Aeromexico’s Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft. Photo: Daniel Martinez Garbuno | Simple Flying

Aeromexico’s 737 MAX 9 fleet

Aeromexico currently has five Boeing 737 MAX 9, according to the ch-aviation database. Moreover, the airline still has to receive ten more units of this plane.

In the last few weeks, Aeromexico has been receiving several Boeing 737 aircraft, increasing its fleet size.

Aeromexico MAX 9
Aeromexico has received five Boeing 737 MAX 9. They are already operating domestic flights. Photo: Daniel Martinez Garbuno | Simple Flying

Last April, the Mexican carrier reached an agreement with Boeing to increase its fleet with 24 new Boeing 737-8 and 737-9 MAX models and four 787-9 Dreamliners. These aircraft will be arriving between 2021 and 2022.

In general, Aeromexico currently has a fleet of 118 aircraft. It consists of eight Boeing 787-8, ten B787-9, 33 B737-800, five B737-700 ten B737 MAX 8, five B737 MAX 9, and 47 Embraer 190.

Nevertheless, the carrier will reduce its size in a short time; Aeromexico confirmed Simple Flying that the five Boeing 737-700 are exiting the fleet, as well as some Embraer 190. During our tour at Aeromexico’s headquarters, we could see at least two E190s scrapped.

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Inside Boeing 737 MAX 9

Aeromexico’s Boeing 737 MAX 9 units have 181 seats in three different classes. Economy has 147 seats, AM Plus has 18, and Premier Class has 16. They all have flat seatback screens and WiFi onboard, according to the airline.

The economy seats have 31 inches of legroom; AM Plus seats have 34 inches and Premier seats have 38 inches. Passengers in each class will also benefit from power outlets, USB charging, and reclinable seats.

Aeromexico MAX 9 cabin
This is what Aeromexico’s MAX 9 cabin looks like. The first seats are Premier in a 2-2 configuration. Photo: Daniel Martinez Garbuno | Simple Flying.

The Premier configuration is a 2-2, while AM Plus and Economy are both 3-3.

Currently, Aeromexico’s 737 MAX 9 fleet is operating domestic flights only. While the Mexican carrier would love to use this highly impressive aircraft on routes to the US, it can’t because Mexico is currently in Category 2 with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Due to this downgrade, Aeromexico can’t add new routes to the US, can’t properly execute its codeshare agreement with Delta, and can’t use new planes on flights to this country, among other restrictions.

Aeromexico AM Plus
AM Plus has a 3-3 configuration; Aeromexico’s MAX 9 fleet has 18 of these seats. Photo: Daniel Martinez Garbuno | Simple Flying.

How many planes does Aeromexico still have to receive?

Aeromexico’s fleet plan has been changing quite a bit in the last few months, due to its bankruptcy process under Chapter 11 in the US. Nevertheless, the Mexican carrier is using the current crisis to set in motion its fleet plan going into the future.

Aeromexico has already retired its Embraer E170 aircraft, and it has rejected several leasing contracts of Boeing 737-700, -800, and even 787-8 planes.

Aeromexico Economy MAX 9
Each seat has a screen and other amenities. This is the Economy configuration. Photo: Daniel Martinez Garbuno | Simple Flying.

Currently, Aeromexico still has to receive 21 aircraft, according to ch-aviation. The airline has confirmed that most of these deliveries will happen between 2021 and 2022.

According to the list provided by ch-aviation, Aeromexico will get five Boeing 737 MAX 8, ten MAX 9, four Boeing 737-800 (under lease and previously used by carriers such as Norwegian), and two Boeing 787-9. We should say that most likely Aeromexico will receive a couple more Dreamliners, since that was the deal with Boeing and, so far, it hasn’t received any.

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