Stunning: Inside A Concept Boeing 737 MAX Business Jet

In 2018, Boeing Business Jets shocked the world with the fantastic design of a Business B737 MAX 7. One year later, Boeing Business Jets, SkyStyle, and KiPcreating won the Private Jet Design Concept at Design et al, International Yacht & Aviation Awards with a rendering of a Boeing 737 MAX 7 Business Jet. By the look of the images, it is amazing, and we would love to see it flying, or even better, be onboard. What do you think about this?

This is the look of the cabin in a Business Boeing 737 MAX 7. It looks amazing. Photo: Sky-style design, Boeing with the visualization by KiPcreating (

Is there a 737 MAX business jet?

Yes, there is!

In October 2018, Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) delivered the first BBJ MAX airplane to an undisclosed customer.

The BBJ MAX family is based on Boeing’s best-selling 737 MAX airplane. It offers business jet customers a cabin area three times bigger than the average business jets, and it is capable of flying 7,000 nautical miles (12,964 kilometers).

At the time, Greg Laxton, head of BBJ, said that there were a great market interest and anticipation for the business MAX. We contacted Boeing to update the number of orders it has on the BBJ MAX. The company declined to comment arguing that any delivery data will be published “in May at virtual EBACE.”

Boeing used that first delivery to unveil a new interior concept by design firm SkyStyle. The idea, named Genesis by SkyStyle Argentinian cofounders Max Pardo and Lucas Colombo, was its debut in BBJ MAX design.

Boeing delivered the first BBJ MAX in 2018. Photo: Sky-style design, Boeing with the visualization by KiPcreating (

Genesis design concept

Business jets often show an incredible amount of luxury inside the cabins. These planes are a treat for the eye. SkyStyle’s aim with Genesis was to define an environment that one would never want to leave, as stated by KiPcreating.

And boy, they succeeded at that! The BBJ MAX has an interior full of sweeping lines and curves. The Genesis concept “draws inspiration from nature’s tranquility, its voluminous clouds hanging over a white sand beach, smooth rolling hills, and a starry night sky,” said Boeing in 2018.

In a press release seen by Simple Flying, Max Pardo, of SkyStyle, said,

“From an aviation designer’s perspective, the BBJ MAX is incredibly appealing because there is so much more interior space to realize one’s vision. And since the MAX flies ultra-long-distances, the owners are looking for a comfortable lounge, multi-function conference area, and a large master suite to ensure the ultimate flight experience.”

What about KiPcreating design?

In 2019, KiPcreating submitted the concept for the BBJ MAX 7 at the International Yacht & Aviation Award. The company worked with SkyStyle to create a set of visuals, a movie, and a Virtual Reality experience interactive walkthrough.

Lucas Colombo, of SkyStyle, added,

“In a 3D environment, you’re not only measuring; you’re also perceiving reality. You’re perceiving if the space that you need is exactly that one or if you need more. I think VR is one of the best ways in which we could verify that. We also got the results much faster than we would have with any other visualization methods.”

You can see in the video the amazing looks of the BBJ MAX 7. The spaces transform at the touch of a button. There are wine-glass racks that lower from the ceiling, for example. There’s also a partition that unfolds itself to separate the office from the rest of the plane.

Would you love to fly onboard the BBJ MAX 7? Let us know in the comments.