Inside Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye’s Boeing 747 Private Jet

Ever wondered how the other half live? When it comes to the ‘other half’, a couple of celebrities epitomise the notion of luxury living. Yes, we could only be talking about Kim and Kanye.

The crowned king and queen of millennial obsession, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West certainly know how to live it up. Facing a long haul flight on the day after Thanksgiving, the pair decided to forgo the luxury of first class in a commercial aircraft, and instead chartered their own private Boeing 747.

“No big deal, just taking a private 747” Kim wrote on her social channel, “This is how he does it now — only 747s! Private! I’ve never even heard of this, but whatever.”

Kim and Kanyes 747
Not many people can afford to fly PRIVATE on a 747

Apparently blown away by the sheer size of the plane (who wouldn’t be?) the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star fed a tour of the aircraft to her 120m followers on Instagram.

The Kardashian-West Boeing 747

The celebrity couple are no strangers to private jets, taking most of their travel on chartered small aircraft. However, indulging in a 747 all to themselves is something quite new. Seating up to 660, it’s a pretty spacious arrangement for just two adults (and their personal trainer, natch).

Videoing the interior of the luxury aircraft, ‘Kimye’ explored their 747 together. Commenting in her video, Kim was heard to say,

“So this is what a Private 747 is like you guys.  I’ve never been on one before so I’m like oh my God there’s bedrooms everywhere.”

Kim and Kanye’s own bedroom featured a full size double bed in a spacious private bedroom. Makes lie flat seats look positively cramped!

Kimye 747 bedroom
The spacious bedroom was luxuriously appointed

Their en suite bathroom was nothing like the cubicles us commoners are subjected to. A freestanding basin atop a marble counter finished the look.

Kimye 747 bathroom
Their ensuite featured a freestanding basin and marble topped counters

The Kimye 747 had plenty of space for their entourage to be seated in comfort too.

Kimye 747 chill room
Plenty of room for everyone to have a seat in comfort

And there were various comfort areas where people could just chillax. Clearly impressed, Kim commented “No big deal there’s just like a chill room, this is like endless.”

Kimye 747 rest area
The 747 was peppered with areas to chill out and relax

Set over two floors, the 747 came equipped with snacks to last the long flight. There was even somewhere to enjoy them, ‘How cute there’s even a dining table, you guys this is insane,’ said Kim.

Kimye 747 snacks
There were plenty of snacks to see them through the long haul flight

You can watch the full video tour below.

So, how much did it cost?

According to leasing companies, Boeing 747’s aren’t usually available for hire (although we do know Qatar has a few). They are extremely rare and this particular one would have been privately owned. Speculating, one charter company placed the value of their flight at around $200,000 per hour.

Although Kim K didn’t reveal the destination she was heading to, she did comment that it would be a long flight. If we assume they were, at a minimum, travelling transatlantic, a 10 hour flight would have set them back $2m.

Kimye lunges
They even managed to do some lunges in the aisles

However, it was likely longer than this, as the couple were pictured doing lunges down the aisles of the plane with their personal trainer, followed by a comment from Kim that,

“After we sleep 10 hours lol. It’s too early for this sh*t!”

If they planned a 10 hour sleep and would still have time for a workout, we reckon their trip would have cost, at a minimum, $2.2m. If they planned to take it home again, which they probably were, that figure is double.

There is a chance it was supplied for free by a friend. Kim did mention ‘Team Adidas’ in her video, which is the owner of Kanye’s Yeezy brand, so perhaps Kimye’s 747 didn’t actually cost them personally.

Nice work if you can get it.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West private 747
Referring to the Yeezy brand could mean Adidas paid for the 747