A Look At The World’s First Christian Airline

Today is Christmas Day, and what better time to take a look at yet another bizarre startup airline. Judah 1 is billed as the world’s first Christian airline. Despite the failure of multiple religious airlines throughout the years, however, Judah 1 hopes their luck will be different. The new venture will be based in Texas, utilising the slogan “Your Hands, God’s LOVE, Our Wings”. However, the mission to carry churchgoers across the land is still currently a dream, as the airline is yet to receive any FAA certification.

Judah 1
Despite American recently retiring the MD-80, Judah 1 is looking to operate 5. Photo: Judah 1

Summer 2019 Target

Judah 1 has a target to commence operation by summer 2019. The airline had originally applied to the FAA for a private operators certificate, however, has since changed the application to a part 121 operation. As such, the airline would be able to commercially carry fare-paying passengers.

A statement on the airline’s website reads “This means Judah 1 (upon receiving its DOT and 121 Certification) will have the freedom to transport as many different churches and mission organizations as we can. This is a huge honor and privilege and we give God all the glory!” The airline, who refer to themselves as an “aviation ministry”, highlight this fact by a disclaimer on their website:

Please note: Judah 1 is not (YET) an airline nor a charter company and we do not sell tickets. We are solely a non-profit aviation ministry. Thank you!

Judah 1
Judah 1 will be the world’s first Christian airline.

Diverse Fleet

Judah 1 intends to launch with a fairly diverse fleet. In fact, they already have an MD-83 which is undergoing a C-Check. The aircraft will reportedly be joined by four more MD-80s when the airline receives its certification, along with two Boeing 767 aircraft. In five years time, the airline hopes to be operating a fleet of 20 aircraft. OMAAT reports that the airline’s CEO commented: “The Lord spoke to me about using my passion for aviation – specifically large aircraft, I saw rows and rows of aircraft, full of food and supplies, lines of them.”

Judah 1
The interior of Judah 1’s first MD-83. Photo: Judah 1

African Trip Planned

Judah 1 is currently planning its first overseas trip. The trip will see the airline flying missionaries to Africa in “late fall 2019”. However, this is pending approval from the FAA. Judah 1 states “[Judah 1 is planning] mission trips to take the love of Jesus to areas such as the unreached mountain villages of Kisumu.  Some of the tribes of people have never even seen white people!  Our teams will evangelize the small villages that populate the mountain areas of the region as well as provide food and medical clinics.”

Adding to this, the group’s CEO reportedly said: “The airline has made it its mission to spread the message of the Lord to billions of people, via flight.”

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