Interjet Resumes Daily Flights To Los Angeles & New York

**Update: 02/12/2020 @ 0:49 UTC – These are not new routes, as they have been available since 2016. Details below**

Interjet relaunched two seasonal flights, starting this April. The airline will connect the Mexican city of Cancun with Los Angeles International Airport and John F. Kennedy Airport, in New York.

Interjet will launch direct flights from Cancun to Los Angeles and New York. Photo: SuperJet International via Flickr.

How will these flights work?

The low-cost carrier aims to operate seasonally these flights,. Interjet opened this routes in 2016. They will be available “during April, in the summer, and in the winter,” said Interjet in a statement. The inaugural prices for these two new routes are $129 USD per passenger on a single flight.


The Cancun-Los Angeles flight will be open from 2 April to 20 April and then from 26 June to 22 August.


Then, the Cancun-New York flight will operate from 2 April to 21 April and from 26 June to 23 August.

As of right now, the airline hasn’t announced its winter schedule for these routes. What we can assume is that Interjet will turn them into yearly routes, as Cancun and New York are really profitable destinations. Los Angeles remains a tough objective as we will see further on.

The routes will be open in April and then between June and August 2020. Photo: Bernal Saborio via Flickr

Interjet bets for transborder connectivity

It is no secret that Interjet is trying to become the main airline in the transborder flights between Mexico and the USA. Just two weeks ago, the airline announced an interline agreement with low-cost carrier JetBlue. And in the last quarter of 2019, Interjet said that its main focus on the international market was the USA.

In 2019, Interjet served 2.4 million passengers on transborder flights. Currently, the low-cost carrier flies to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, and New York. But, with the new JetBlue agreement, Interjet will offer up to 65 destinations in the USA.

Besides that, Interjet also has commercial agreements with American Airlines in the USA. Worldwide, the airline has agreements with Iberia, Qatar Airways, Alitalia, LATAM, British Airways, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, ANA, Eva Air, Hainan Airlines, Air Canada and Hahn Air.

Is it a good idea to open a new route to Los Angeles? Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno

Going against the odds in Los Angeles

So, it is a good strategy to resume the route to Los Angeles? The data suggests no, for the moment.

Last year, the route Los Angeles-Mexico City was the busiest in the transborder market. Still, it lost a good 15.5% of its passenger numbers, in comparison with 2018.

Of the ten most important international routes for Mexico as a country, Cancun has two of them: to Houston and to Toronto. And, the one to Houston recorded a loss of 1.3% in 2019.

To understand the drop of passenger numbers, Fernando Gómez Suárez, aviation analyst, said in an interview with Expansion,

“There is a change in the travel habits of Mexicans towards the USA. They prefer not to come and that affects the round connectivity”. He added that the border policies of the Trump administration don’t incentivize the tourist flux between both countries.

One can also add the fact that certain US airlines, such as Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines have reduced or stopped its connections to Mexico.

Still, Interjet is betting on this market. Why? Well, it is the best option for the low-cost airline. With 42 national destinations and 45 international destinations, Interjet is better suited for the transborder markets rather than its direct competition in Viva Aerobus and Volaris.

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