Interjet Plans New Routes To Honduras And Colombia

Interjet will launch a new flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras in April. Also, the company is planning an increase in its routes and destinations in Colombia, betting on the connectivity towards South America.

Interjet Getty
Interjet will fly to Honduras in April. Photo: Getty Images

The low-cost airline aims to consolidate in Central America

As or right now, Interjet flies to seven countries in Latin America in addition to Mexico. With the launch of its flight to Honduras, the low-cost carrier would become the main Mexican operator in Central America as it connects with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.

Edgardo Maradiaga, CEO of San Pedro Sula’s airport said,

“We already have flights in this airport from the Spanish carrier Air Europa, which offers services to travelers from our neighboring countries. Now, Mexico’s Interjet will start operating in April. 

Interjet’s CEO, William Shaw and CCO, Julio Gamero, recently had a meeting with the Honduran government. During this meeting, both parties also consolidated the new operations between both countries.

But one thing has not yet been mentioned is what this new route will be. There are two obvious candidates: Mexico City and Cancún. We asked the airline but it hasn’t replied back. We’ll keep you updated on this.

Interjet Getty
Interjet is also preparing two new flights to Colombia. Photo: Getty Images.

South America, its biggest market?

The Mexican low-cost carrier also has plans to expand its operations in Colombia. William Shaw recently said that it is planning to operate a new route between Mexico City and Cali.

If this happens, Cali would be the fourth Colombian destination offered by Interjet. Currently, it flies to the cities of Cartagena, Medellin, and Bogota. It would also demonstrate to Colombia that the South American country is the most important international destination on the airline’s list, behind the US.

Shaw also said,

“We are also trying to get a new route to Bogota, from a new city. So, we would launch two new routes (to this country) this year.”

So, is Colombia really that important for Interjet’s growth? Looking at the stats we can see that in January, the three destinations the low-cost airline has in Colombia grew 113% from January 2019. The load factor of those flights was 89%. These great numbers reflect the fact that there is a great expat Colombian community in Mexico as well as strong, rapidly expanding commercial ties between the two countries.

Still, Interjet plans to focus its connectivity in 2020 on the US. It is the biggest market the airline has and, unless something unpredictable happens (as it already is) it will stay that way.

Is the airline growing even though it has great debts? Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno

Interjet to grow despite financial pressure

All of this growth comes amidst the financial pressure Interjet has had for the last few years. In February we reported that the airline owed more than $150 million USD in taxes, fuels, and other items. It is also constrained by its Sukhoi problem.

Since then, the airline has sustained its operations. Recently it asked its crews to fly over 90 hours a month (the legal limit in Mexico) but beyond that, there hasn’t been more news about its problems.

Interjet has not been hit yet by current events worldwide. It is only a matter of time before it does. For now, the low-cost carrier is trying to continue its road ahead as smoothly as possible.

What do you think? Will Interjet be able to grow this year? Let us know in the comments.